Self-Love and Body Shaming. Janelle Watkins.

Self-Love and Body Shaming

On self-love and body shaming. I’m a mother of two. I *hate* my stretch marks and I’d love to lose several inches off of my thighs and transplant them to my butt.
Healthy Lox Sandwich Unsplash Helena Martinez. Healthy Eating.

Dietitian Approved Tips for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating doesn't have to be bland or hard to follow. A registered dietitian can help you wade through the nutrition information you find to personalize an eating strategy that works for you.
What is a detox?

So, what exactly is a detox?

So you want to eat clean and live clean to be the best and healthiest you possible? Dr. Andra Campitelli answers that lingering question, "what exactly is a detox?" Enjoy this quick guide to detoxing.