Self-Love and Body Shaming

Self Love and Body Shaming. Janelle Watkins.Alright here goes…
Me in my glory? Yes and no.

I’m obviously no model. I’m not some 20-something in the prime of their lives, who’s always “instaready” with her paparazzo’s finger seemingly always on the trigger.

To be honest, I’m of the generation that’s still not 100% comfortable with selfies and with instaposts at the ready.

I’m a mother of two. I *hate* my stretch marks and I’d love to lose several inches off of my thighs and transplant them to my butt.

I want to tone my body more. I want visible abs. I want strong arms. I want, I want… the list continues.

Sure I’ve got insecurities. So why did I choose to post this? I’m glad you asked.

As of a few years ago I wasn’t comfortable wearing a bikini anymore. I had that typical mom body, and I was totally insecure about it with all its flaws.

It took an old friend of mine (from grade 9!), Aimee, the owner of Melmira Bra and Swim Studio in Toronto, to remind me that I *was* a mom. She told me that my stretch marks were my battle scars. I’d never considered them in that light before, so that comment really stuck with me and gave me the confidence to buy myself a beautiful bikini that actually made me feel really good.

So why am I posting this? To remind you that no matter the flaws and insecurities, there are stories behind them. Examine yours and see if you can’t change the narrative and forgive yourself for the blemishes that we amplify far more in our own minds, than it is in anyone else’s. It goes for men and women, but we really do need to love ourselves.

There will likely be trolls who will come and try to body shame me, and their comments will sting. But this isn’t for them. It’s me putting myself out there for you, the person who needed to read this today. I’m always sending love and positivity to my tribe.

So, this is for you.
xo Janelle

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Janelle Watkins is a citizen of the world who has lived both a charmed and stormy life. She has worked as a personal shopper, journalist, has done extensive work in marketing communications, and public relations. These experiences have seen her working alongside prominent leaders from the fashion, culinary, art and media worlds. This bon vivant would like to add some flair to her readers’ lives and loves to get their feedback. On everyday life she sums up, “Live life in your own style, be true to yourself – be distinct.” Favourite place in Toronto: Strolling around the Yonge/Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant Village neighbourhoods with a David’s Tea and two special little someones.

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