Cavalia Odysseo Returns With A New Venue

Internationally acclaimed Cavalia returns to Toronto with a new venue. Moving from the Portlands, Cavalia arrives in Mississauga with its latest production of Odysseo. With the addition of six performances to t...
Cavalia Hits Toronto

Odysseo Returns to Toronto, Remarkable as Ever

Cavalia is back! Electrifying, charismatic, gentle and highly sexy, this production keeps the audience in awestruck from the moment you enter the tent. Actually, from the time you drive up. The tent itself is a...
Cavalia Odysseo: Larger than Life. The Tribe 3 / Tribu 3 | Credits: François Bergeron

Odysseo: Larger Than Life

Odysseo: Larger Than Life is a spectacular blend of equestrian arts, daring acrobatic feats and multi-media visual splendor. After the success of the first Cavalia show in 2003, artistic director Normand Latourelle, who was a founding member of Cirque de Soleil, has brought another epic touring production to our city.