Internationally acclaimed Cavalia returns to Toronto with a new venue. Moving from the Portlands, Cavalia arrives in Mississauga with its latest production of Odysseo. With the addition of six performances to the show calendar, the 30 million dollar theatrical extravaganza will now make its debut June 21, 2017. Matinee and evening performances for Odysseo are scheduled through July 16 and are now on sale online at or by calling 1-866-999-8111.

“It’s like seeing three shows in one”, says Steven Paulson a liberty trainer with the show. “Whatever you appreciate you’ll enjoy this, there is something for all eyes, and your emotions are taken through highs and lows.”


#OdysseoSAUGA transports spectators to a new level of beauty, grace, and magic. The show features 65 magnificent horses of 11 different breeds including the Appaloosa, Arabian, Quarter Horse, Canadian Horse, Canadian Warmblood, Holsteiner, Lusitano, Paint Horse, Percheron Hanoverian Cross, Selle Français and Spanish Purebred (P.R.E.) and 48 talented riders, acrobats, dancers, stilt walkers and musicians from around the globe.

Steven joined the cast a year ago with a riding background. Having previously worked as an event rider he’s use to jumping and dressage but still finds his love in Liberty, when the horses are at complete liberty and are guided through voice commands and body language.

“This where you get to see the horses true personality, they see the stage as a bug playground and it brings out their natural instincts whether naughty, free spirited or showing off. With 32 horses and eight riders, you never know what you’re going to get. Each performance is different,” explains Paulson.


Odysseo is a true revolution in live entertainment with an impressive list of superlatives: the world’s largest touring production, the largest touring tent on Earth, the biggest stage and the greatest number of horses at liberty all wrapped under a big white top tent spanning 38 meters in height.

Unlike theatrical shows which are choreographed to the moment, the show really comes together a few hours before each performance when the riders and producer go through the routines and decide what horse will participate in which scene. This makes sure the horses don’t get bored and aren’t over-strained. This also means the riders need to be highly flexible as in each performance they could be involved in different acts, different positions and different show moments.

“The horses run the show. It’s a pretty relaxed schedule where the horses will play in the paddocks or train, depending what they’re into,” adds Paulson.

And when they’re not on performances they spend their 10 day vacation between shows running and relaxing on farms in whichever city/country they may be. The horses that is, not the riders.

Matinee and evening performances for Odysseo are scheduled through July 16 and are now on sale online at or by calling 1-866-999-8111.

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