DanceWorks presents e-motion tour, featuring work by three outstanding choreographic voices from Ballet Edmonton, as a triple-bill program. The event opens with Persistence of Memory by celebrated choreographer and Ballet Edmonton Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang, and follows with two new works by a pair of exciting fresh voices in contemporary ballet, Diego Ramalho presenting Valei-mi and Dorotea Saykakly presenting BLACK MOON. e-motion tour will be presented on Tuesday, March 7 – Wednesday, March 8, 2023, at Fleck Dance Theatre at 8pm.

Persistence of Memory by Wen Wei Wang was created amid the 2020 pandemic, and fueled by the constant need for human contact. This work was initially created as a film and reimagined for the stage. Valei-me by Diego Ramalho is a contemplation on how we are influenced by where we first “belonged” exploring how music lives in the nervous system and reflects an unconscious sense of identity connected to a place. And Dorotea Saykaly’s BLACK MOON explores the human relationship of desire and faith while utilizing a mythical sci-fi approach to storytelling and image-making.

“As the pandemic stretched to the whole world, billions of people were separated from each other, isolated in their own spaces. Art has kept us connected; it shortens the distance between us and provides comfort, encouragement, and hope.”  Wen Wei Wang, Artistic Director, Ballet Edmonton

When: Tuesday, March 7 to Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 8PM

Where: Fleck Dance Theatre, 207 Queens Quay West, Toronto

Length: Approx. 90 Minutes

Tickets: Tickets ranging from $18–$24. To purchase tickets, please visit

e-motion tour PROGRAM

Persistence of Memory

Choreography: Wen Wei Wang in collaboration with the Ballet Edmonton dancers

Lighting Design: Dorrie Deutschendorf

Performers:  Full Company


Choreography: Diego Ramalho

Lighting Design: Dorrie Deutschendorf

Performers: Full Company


Choreography: Dorotea Saykaly

Lighting: Dorrie Deutschendorf

Performers: Ariana Barr, Chloe Bennett, Paula Cobo Botello, Adrian de Leeuw, Yoko Kanomata, Devon McLean, Connor McLeary, Diego Ramalho, Samuel Ramos, Matthew Wyllie.

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