Transcen|Dance Project was founded by Toronto-based choreographer Julia Cratchley with a mandate of blurring the lines that typically divide genres within the dance community. She also looked to change the experience of dance performance for audiences, in particular, to reach those who might not be drawn to dance shows at all as they perceive them. Dance is often viewed as a rarefied, intellectual/artistic realm, and one that many don’t see as particularly welcoming.

The story is based on the centuries old fairy tales of Cinderella, Snow White and Rose Red, and it eventually expands over four floors of The Great Hall. The sets are detailed, and designed to draw you into the enchanted world. Dedicated performances bring it to life. Cocktails are also available to add to the experience.

As an audience member, you will only experience that part of the story line which you decide to follow. As you’re going up the stairs to watch Rose Red, the Prince may just be running up behind you, looking for someone to fit the glass slipper. It allows for repeat viewings without duplicating what you’ll see.

The routines work similarly to a “a spiderweb,” as choreographer Julia describes it. At any given time, there are five scenes happening in various locations all over the building. It’s all based on timing, as the smallest cues in the music are the characters’ cues to change. Once it starts, it’s at the discretion of the performers, as it’s all timed to the soundtrack, which plays through the entirety of The Great Hall.

A Grimm Night was launched in 2020, only to be shut down by the pandemic. Even for 2022, several shows were cancelled due to COVID scares. Therefore, this is the first time that A Grimm Night will be available in this truly interactive adaptation to the public for a novel experience.

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