Theatre Review: Mirvish’s Dead Metaphor

Who knew “A Kill” could be this funny?

Michael Healey and Julie Stewart in Dead Metaphor. Photo Credit: Cylla von Tiedemann

Michael Healey and Julie Stewart in Dead Metaphor.

The irony is, my mother always said I would make a good sniper. I think (hope) she was making reference to my great eye sight. In Mirvish Production’s Dead Metaphor, meet Dean (Noah Reid), fresh from his stint in Afghanistan, who quickly learns his military skills won’t get him very far in a civilian working world. Without a proper income, Dean is forced to move back home with his parents Frannie (Nancy Beatty) and Hank (Eric Peterson of the Canadian classic Corner Gas) and his pregnant ex-wife Jenny (Haley McGee) who’s about to remarry. There are a lot of punch lines throughout, but as it happens, Hank has Alzheimer’s, which in this context only adds to the comedy.

Nancy Beatty, Noah Reid, Eric Peterson and Haley McGee in Dead Metaphor. Photo Credit: Cylla von Tiedemann

Nancy Beatty, Noah Reid, Eric Peterson and Haley McGee in Dead Metaphor.

Readjusting to his new life, the only job Dean can find is as the face of  a crusading politician’s campaign, a woman on her own mission for “truth and justice.” And this is where the fun really begins. In fact polititian Helen (Julie Stewart) and spouse Oliver (Michael Healey) steal every scene they’re in with their witty banter and down right hatred for each other as a married couple. Their fall into what really can only be defined as the depth of madness is truly hilarious. It’s akin to playing Cards Against Humanity (CAH)—you know you shouldn’t find it funny but you still can’t stop yourself from laughing. A short theatre stay, at just two hours including intermission, the plot develops rapidly and takes some unforeseen turns, so I won’t divulge too much, but let’s just say there are a few requests for Dean’s military sniper skills and none of the metaphorical (and otherwise) ammunition hits their mark. Dead Metaphor is the best comedy I’ve seen this year. Eric Peterson is awesome on his own and such a strong character actor, I’ve loved Julie Stewart on Cold Squad and she always commands the stage. I applaud Mirvish for bringing us these non-big budget musical productions that truly highlight the depth of Canadian stage excellence. If you like dark humour, laughed during Book of Mormon and can’t wait to open your newest card set of CAH, then this is your show. Read Mirvish’s warning: Warning: DEAD METAPHOR contains strong language and is recommended for ages 16+. Seriously, folks, this show has some of the filthiest language you will ever hear in a public space. More than just “F” words, there are words beginning with almost every letter of the alphabet used by the characters in the show, because this is exactly how these characters would speak. But trust us; you’ll love it. It’s quite liberating. Enjoy it as much I as did. Dead Metaphor continues at the Panasonic Theatre until June 8th. Tickets can be purchased at any Mirvish box office, and calling 1.800.461.3333. @VIPRene

Theatre Review: Mirvish's Dead Metaphor
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