Soulpepper in New York City

1 Company, 5 Stages, Over 10 Remarkable Shows and 65 Canadian Artists. Soulpepper takes on New York City in July.

Next month Soulpepper makes its US debut with a full month of programming in Manhattan at Pershing Square Signature Center, Off-Broadway.

Raquel Duffy, Ins Choi, Mike Ross, Ken MacKenzie and Gregory Prest, photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

Alligator Pie Cast: Raquel Duffy, Ins Choi, Mike Ross, Ken MacKenzie and Gregory Prest, photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

Mainstage Series:

Of Human Bondage
Of Human Bondage is an epic tale of obsession, lust, and the pursuit of beauty. Based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham.

Kim’s Convenience
Soulpepper Academy alumnus Ins Choi’s hilarious and touching story is set in a downtown Korean convenience store. The journey of a fractured but loving family confronting the future and forgiving the past is a classic in the making.

Spoon River
In Soulpepper’s award-winning adaptation of Spoon River, Edgar Lee Masters’ poems of the dead are brought to vibrant life. The residents of a sleepy mid-west graveyard return to share their funny, gritty, and touching memories to curious passersby. It’s a moving piece of original music theatre that is ultimately an uplifting celebration of life.

Ensemble Creations:


Soulpepper in New York. (Re)Birth. photo: Sian Richards (2011 Production)

(Re)Birth. photo: Sian Richards (2011 Production)

The stage, any stage, even the one within our head, is a cage… that defines, limits, reveals. What is visible and invisible, sounds and the silence that makes sound possible, all co-existing. The ordinary and the miraculous. Our human zoo. Cage asks us to re-think, and re-experience what it is to see and hear and be.

Alligator Pie
Alligator Pie, an original Soulpepper production and Dora Award-winner, brings the celebrated children’s poems of Canada’s Father Goose and Fraggle Rock, Dennis Lee, to vibrant theatrical life.

(Re)Birth: e. e. cummings in Song
An original Soulpepper collective creation based on the legendary American poet, essayist, painter, and playwright e. e. cummings, this compelling and humorous musical exploration of cummings’ extensive canon is an ode to the depth and imagination of his work.

Concert Series:
These intimate musical showcases feature fresh and exciting talent, as well as intimate groupings of artists from Toronto’s diverse musical community.

True North: A Concert of Canada

First Ladies, with Sophie Milman, Molly Johnson, Jackie Richardson and Alana Bridgewater

New York—The Melting Pot

Spotlight Series:

Soulpepper in New York. Pamela Mala Sinha. Photo by Michael Cooper

Crash. Pamela Mala Sinha. Photo: Michael Cooper.

After the loss of a loved one, a woman must face the shattering memories of a past trauma. CRASH is the fractured unraveling of memory; blending projections, myth, and dance into a riveting narrative about family, faith and love.

Lessons in Temperament
Part memoir, part performance art, part tune-up, this site-specific show offers a unique theatrical experience, and a singular glimpse into the lives of those living with strange, beautiful, distempered minds.

A Brimful of Asha
Soulpepper Associate Artistic Director Ravi Jain shares the stage with his mother, Asha, to tell their true story of generational and cultural clash. Mother and son present very different sides of the same story, with touching and hilarious results. “Pioneering in its intimacy and unapologetically heartwarming” – The New York Times

Last but not least, try to catch at least one of the Soulpepper Cabarets.

Perhaps the best part? Tickets start at only $30.

For more information on the shows, or Soulpepper Theatre Company, please visit their website:

All events take place at The Pershing Square Signature Center, 480 West 42ND Street, New York

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