Phantom Glass, your favourite screen protector.

Phantom Glass, your favourite screen protector.

Phantom Glass, your favourite screen protector.

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Walking into a major tech retailer can sometimes feel like walking into a cavernous room filled with more gimmicks than useful gadgets and devices. One such product that seems to be consuming valuable space in stores lately are screen protectors. Does there really need to be an entire aisle (or more) dedicated to screen protectors?

You’d rather be careful with your smartphone and enjoy the clarity of its retina display, instead of distorting it with a sticky, bubbly shield that you will throw away by week’s end, right? And yet, if you take a look around your workplace, grocer, the train, it’s abundantly clear that there really is a market for good screen protectors, because cracked phones are everywhere. It’s no wonder then, that retailers dedicate so much floor space to screen protectors. Now, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

One stand-out product is the Phantom Glass screen protector, with several unique capabilities and features that set it apart within the market. Check out the video below to witness the nearly effortless installation. Simply align the glass to your smartphone, and the state-of-the-art silicon nano adhesion takes care of the rest. No user intervention, use of scrapers or other assistance required. The result is a perfect, bubble-free screen with zero clarity distortion. The Phantom Glass special oleophobic coating also makes cleaning fingerprints and residual oils a breeze.

But what really sets this product apart from its competitors? After all, most screen protection products out there claim to have the same features (easy installation, unaffected clarity and, most importantly, screen protection). The answer lies within the name. Unlike typical plastic screen protectors, the Phantom Glass smartphone screen protector is actually made of lightweight glass – Corning Gorilla Glass – which offers great scratch resistance and uncompromised screen clarity.

So if you want to avoid “cracked screen syndrome” and extend the life of your favourite smartphone, the Phantom Glass smartphone screen protector is for you. The protectors cover a variety of smart phones and tablets, including the Nexus and Microsoft Surface. At a reasonable $35.00 a piece and coming in a wide variety of colours, this is one screen protector that you will not throw out with the rest of them.

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