Traveling is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting and cumbersome. It can easily become overwhelming to live out of a suitcase and try to replicate the comforts of home. But with advancing technology, there are gadgets and tools that make traveling easier and more fun. Check out this list of the coolest tech gear for travelers:

1. The Mavic Pro ($999)

The days of just fantasizing about owning a drone are over. Now you can own a powerful drone that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The Mavic Pro from DJI has a 4.3-mile flight range, shoots 4K video and offers features like ActiveTrack and Obstacle Avoidance. You will love capturing beautiful still images and formerly impossible-to-shoot videos of every moment in high definition. Just be sure to check out drone restrictions and regulations before you use it.

2. Raden A22 Carry Smart Suitcase ($295)

The A22 is a sleek, lightweight and durable carry-on suitcase that features a polycarbonate shell in a variety of colors. While your traveler is sure to appreciate the functionality of this carry-on, what will blow their mind are the tech aspects of this case (yes, you read that correctly). The A22 has an integrated power bank and two external USB ports for charging devices. With the Raden app, travelers can track their bag and other aspects of their trip. As if that weren’t cool enough, it also has a weight-sensing handle.

3. iPhone 7 (starting at $650)

The most versatile and useful piece of technology for travelers is hands-down a smartphone. Invest in one the best models currently on the market: the iPhone 7. In addition to the entirely new camera system and impressive battery life, the iPhone 7 has introduced arguably the best, most obsessively perfected design to date. Apple forms the phone’s mirror-like look through rotational 3-D polishing and immersion into a magnetized ultra-fine particle bath for removing imperfections from various layers. Not to mention, the iPhone 7 represents a new chapter in smartphone technology when headphone jacks are rendered obsolete.

4. Steamfast Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron ($24)

Being a luxury traveler doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend luxury prices. This mini travel steamer is the smallest of its kind, so it takes up practically no space in a suitcase. It keeps you looking crisp and fresh with a 420-watt motor and three fabric heating levels. A gadget you probably never thought of, for under $30? Sold.

5. Beo Play by Bang & Olufsen Wireless Noise Cancelling H8 Headphones ($430)

If you are looking to spend big, noise-canceling headphones are a worthwhile investment. The B&O Play H8 headphones bring you absolute quiet and deliver excellent sound quality, all in a lightweight, comfortable body. The wireless headphones weigh only 9 ounces and feature lambskin ear pads, allowing you to block out the outside world and look stylish at the same time.

6. Sonos Play:1 ($199)

There are times when you’re traveling that you want to keep the world out and then there are times when you want to bring people in. Connect over Wi-Fi to get the party started with this amazingly compact, yet powerful speaker that has a hi-fi sound to satisfy even the biggest music snob.

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