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Go Native or explore abroad for design inspiration

Keeping an eye on design trends from all over the world means that homeowners can create a beautiful new look for their own home, and they are not limited to the same trends as their neighbours.  It is expected that the year ahead will bring a number of new trends which will be easy for the average homeowner to incorporate into their home.

Colour trends

Bold colours have been creeping back for some time and this looks set to continue in the future.  Tangerine and deep emerald are just two of the colours that will be featured heavily in many homes.  Kelly Hoppen predicts that colour trends will also feature plenty of more neutral shades too, which can be teamed with the brighter colours to create an impact, so consider shades such as grey, charcoal and black.  Large patterns have become very popular and ethnic patterns in particular will be prominent in interior design in 2013.

Overall style

Homeowners will want to keep their homes looking as glamorous as possible; however, this is likely to be achieved in a more muted way.  The whole feeling of ‘bling’ will give way to a style that is more tailored to the individual.  Personalizing the design will be very important. Art Deco tapestries are set to be a feature in some homes and anyone who has needlework skills can easily create their own (if somewhat less ambitious) wall hangings.

Add pops of colour and explore textures

Choosing pieces of furniture that cover a range of styles will also be a trend.  Creating a room which looks as though it has been pieced together over a number of years will be far more interesting than one which looks as though it could have been put together in an afternoon, with everything having been bought from one store.  This could mean mixing vintage pieces that have been influenced by French design with modern pieces such as these UK recliner sofas.  Consider soft leather teamed with metals and woods for larger pieces of furniture as well as shelving and other pieces in the room.

Statement pieces with an amusing edge are set to be popular, and they can create a feature in a room that everyone will want to talk about.  If the budget is low then this can be a good way to give the room a new look without the need to change everything. In interior design the windows are very important, so opt for features such as shutters rather than traditional curtains or blinds.  The trend for lacquer shutters that have large slats has come from Vietnam, so it is easy to add an Eastern feel to a room this way.

For those who are on a tight budget there are a number of different touches that can be incorporated for a different look that is up to the minute.  Double sided throws in the bedroom and the lounge are useful for creating a look that can be changed in seconds; this will also help to give the warm and cozy feel that many interior designers will be aiming for in 2013.

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