Canadian accessories brand Venque blends style with sophistication and expert craftsmanship at accessible price points for the modern man (with a few options for the ladies too)

When the fashion and design conscious brothers Viktor and Simon Cui couldn’t find high-quality, stylish bags at affordable prices, an idea started germinating and shortly afterward, Venque (pronounced ven-k) was ready-to-bloom. What the brothers created is a striking line of bags and accessories; blending form and function with a fashionable punch.

The design-savvy duo created style-forward and functional pieces including backpacks (in mini, mid-size and large), briefcases, a camera bag, wallets and tablet sleeves in a variety of colors, with some unique and elegant twists on your garden variety goods (who wants that anyway?).

Here are a few of our favorites from Venque’s collection:

Venque Arctic Fold Backpack Bag ARCTIC FOLD BACKPACK – This lightweight, stylish little gem offers a trendy alternative to the average run-of-the-mill backpack. The Arctic is nice enough to carry to work with you, yet practical enough to use as a schoolbag. It comes with a sleek leather trim and premium zipper pulls which work together to elevate the overall look. Business, school or leisure? Yes please.



Venque Briefpack XLBRIEFPACK XL – We love that this bag can be used three ways. Monday to Friday 9-to-5’er? Use the Briefpack as your everyday briefcase held by the straps. Feeling weary? Convert it to a backpack and throw it over your shoulders.  Perhaps you’re traveling a little farther? Turn this beauty into your airplane carry-on. The luggage-style compartment has enough room to pack for a couple days travel and meets the size requirements for most flights worldwide.


Venque Messenger Bag MESSENGER BAG – This handsome and slender messenger bag will surprise you with the number of compartments it’s housed with, which gives you room for just about anything—including space for your laptop. We also appreciate the fact that contrary to some of the other pieces in the collection, the logo here is quite discreet. We also love that you can carry the bag over the shoulder, cross-body, or in hand.


Venque bags are made with Quanta: a high-density fabric pioneered and launched by the brothers in 2012. This allows the collection to be anti-scratch, dust and water repellent.  The company asserts that Quanta will last 5x longer, and is 3x stronger than comparable fabrics.

Available in-stores in Canada U.S.A, Europe and Asia. For more information, styles, or to order online, visit:


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