In the Bag: Discover the fun and Play with Sodastream

Sodastream’s mission is to transform the beverage industry. A single flavoured SodaCap can replace three regular cans of soda, with a carbon footprint that’s said to be up to 60 per cent less than the equivalent for a typical can of soda.

Sodastream are fun, the drinks are tasty and reduces waste.

Sodastreams are fun, the drinks are tasty and they help reduce waste.

The Sodastream carbonated water maker is not new to the market, but late last month they released the newest edition to their line, the all new, easy to use—and aptly named, Play beverage station.

Sodastream once again partnered with renowned global designer Yves Béhar, to create the Play. Its sleek design can fit into even the smallest kitchen and consumers can choose between any of the six bright and cheery colours it comes in.

For those unfamiliar with the Sodastream, it uses a refillable CO2 canister along with reusable carbonating bottles, allowing you to turn your tap water into sparkling water in an instant. I tend to drink a lot of sparkling and so personally, I thought of all the money I could save by investing in a machine.

Have fun with your Sodastream Soda Bar

Have fun with your Sodastream Soda Bar

Trina Hendry, of Chowbella Food Tours has a Sodastream and states that her love for it stems from the fact that it makes “amazing sparkling water with very little impact on the environment and no wasting of bottles.”

To jazz up your water, you can add any one of their 35 flavoured syrups to create drinks like Dr. Pete (the surprisingly good Dr. Pepper imitation), Country Time natural lemonade, a variety of colas, fruit drinks and Kool-Aids. You can also choose between classic and diet selections and if you want to get really experimental, try creating a Sodastream infused cocktail or two.

Sodastream's new Free line offers a nice selection of light flavours to choose from.

Sodastream’s new Free line offers a nice selection of light flavours to choose from.

In addition to the Play station, Sodastream also debuts their line of Free flavour syrups and my personal favourite, the SodaCaps flavour dispensers this month. Their Free line offers lightly flavoured sparkling drinks created without the use of artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives.

The Free beverages are said to contain a fraction of the calories and sugar of other regular soft drinks and come in flavours including Passion-Mango, Cranberry-Raspberry, Apple-Peach and Lychee-Green Tea.

Individual SodaCaps also contain less calories and sugar of traditional sodas and are made with 100% recyclable materials – good for you and for the environment.  Besides all that, SodaCaps are just a lot of fun to use. Pop your cap of choice on top of your already carbonated water and watch your selection fill the bottle with a burst of colour and ripples. These are also available in a variety of flavours and there is also soda-mix sampler packs for you to choose from.

The Sodastream SodaCaps come in great flavours and are a lot of fun to use.

The Sodastream SodaCaps come in great flavours and are a lot of fun to use.


Sodastream Play (machine) – $99.99
Sodastream Caps – $9.99
Sodastream Free (syrups) – $7.99
Visit your local retailer or purchase online at

For a list of recipes for some tasty cocktails you can create with your new Play machine, visit our Google Plus page.

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