Finding the Unexpected in Buffalo, NY

I’ll be the first to admit, a trip to Buffalo has never topped my list of ‘must-see’ destinations. Like many of you I would be hard-pressed to even consider it a destination. So when the tourist board invited me to come out to witness what the city had to offer, and to see how much it had changed over the past few years, I was skeptical. Buffalo’s rich heritage of art, architecture and culture thoroughly surprised me—changing my perception of the city altogether.
South America Machu Pichu with Alpaca

South America: diving into the cultural heritage

South America is known for its many spectacular waterfalls. Diving into the cultural heritage of South America, we quickly become immersed in its colours, traditions, musical rhythms and magical mysteries. ...
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Scene & Heard: RENDER Toronto Volume 1

RENDER Toronto is a brand new collaborative performance project dedicated to bringing together an eclectic mix of Toronto talent across industries and levels of experience. The idea is to showcase their work in...