School Of Rock Opens in Toronto

Class is in session and you’re going to be fully immersed in Rock & Roll history and theory so you too can stick to the man! School of Rock comes to us from its blow-out Broadway performance with a cast of...

The Illusionists Conjure Their Way to Toronto

How long can you hold your breath? Cause the show is 95 minutes long. Starring seven of the world’s greatest illusionists including Canada’s own Darcy Oake, the Broadway hit brings with it excitement, wonderme...
avignon-dress for broadway -

Broadway Dress Code Decoded: Go Big or Go Home

New Yorkers, specifically columnists and fashionistas, have staged a revolt against poorly dressed tourists visiting museums and theaters. At the end of the day, it comes down to simple theater etiquette. This is Broadway.
The Heart of Robin Hood, Mirvish Productions,

Heart of Robin Hood: Sherwood Forest Will Never Be the Same

The Heart of Robin Hood premiers in Toronto ahead of Broadway. This deconstruction of an old fairy tale has new twists, jumps and acrobatics. Lots of theatrical effects, stage fights and quirky humour come together in this cirque-style production.