If you haven’t met David Cash , get yourself to his show RED: A Study of the Human Form In Colour. Blog TO rates it as one of the Top 10 Art shows to see in Toronto this summer. If it’s the only show you see this summer, you made the right choice. RED is the first colour series Cash intends to explore further, much like Van Gogh.

It all started with a red wall.

One of the most magnanimous people you will meet, David is an accomplished director, photographer, actor and artist. The type of person who has an appreciation for all aspects of the creative process, before the camera or behind it. Bored with black and white photography but a desire to explore contrast and monochrome, the RED collection was born. Through collaboration with talented local designers Brit Wacher, Untitled&Co, Rachelle Anne Wear, Masha Apparel and Rejh Lorenzo Cabrera, this stunning series will have you craving to touch them.

RED is the colour of fire and blood

The influence of Galliano produces a truly Dior-esque style. It is clear in each photograph that every nuance has been thought about. Every model was hand selected, not only for their ability to work magic on a camera but, because they were delightful to work with. Red velvet, fire, patent leather, rubies all evoke a specific emotion or feeling… especially when touched. David explores the mysterious delight and raw savagery that makes red so irresistible. People have always been drawn to the colour red for obvious reasons and some more subtle which, David captures with sophistication and seduction. Red is a colour of power and great persuasion, and depending on how it is used can cause great destruction or new beginnings.

It’s only on until July 27th so, get yourself to gallery 224 Queen East. It’s open from 10 am to 10 pm and it’s absolutely free. All prints are available for purchase.

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