Welcome carrot rewards, the first loyalty program the keeps you fit and helps you make healthy decisions on exercise, food and many other daily habits.

I was introduced to Carrot through a friend of mine. Note, there is a friend referral that offers you double the sign-up bonus then if you simply just downloaded the app. To get started you can use renes8665 and enjoy a double bonus of 100 Scene, 50 Aeroplan, 800 Petro-Points or 135 More Rewards.

Now that you’re intrigued, what does the App do? Its primary purpose is to count your steps. It takes and average of your steps over a 2 week period and then gives you a daily target. Every time to complete your daily target, you earn points. The app rewards you for something you should be doing anyway – walking. And something that is really easy to accomplish. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and earn 4 Scene points or 2 Aeroplan points.

In addition to earning points for walking, Carrot offers its users surveys that discuss healthy living options. For each survey you complete (and there are no wrong answers), you earn additional points.

If you’re a big points collector, you base earning for the year (not including signup bonus or surveys) is 1,400 Scene points, enough for a free movie. A free movie, for walking! That’s incredible. Add on the surveys and bonus and in the first 3 months of using this app I’ve earned 1,500 points, enough for an AVX movie or 3 Children’s movies.

It’s great for the entire family as you can pool your points , have challenges  amongst family members and all work towards healthier habits.

As you start to use the app more and more, you’ll have “step-up” challenges where your step will start to increase in order to earn points and you’ll get a bonus if you succeed. If you don’t succeed, you’ll be moved down a challenge to try again. The goal is always to increase your daily steps.

Now, with every app there are issues. The step counter when synced with the Fitbit works best but I don’t have one, so I synced it with my phone and Google fit. This has 2 issues; first I always need my phone with me to count all the steps and secondly the pairing can be way off, requiring almost a 1000 steps more at the worst of times. Not a big deal as its all working to keeping me fit, but you need to remember to always check your app to make sure you’re meeting your goals or you’ll get disappointed in your points earning.

Overall, this is a great way to get your family moving. For more information visit https://www.carrotrewards.ca/home/ and remember to use renes8665 to earn your bonus sign up points.

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