The festival will return to Kitchener, Ontario this June 6, 7, 8, & 9th, 2019 having been allowed to add a 4th day to the festival. Drawing about 30,000 people each day, according to organizer Rob Mattacchione of Beyond Oz Productions, the festival has become a summer highlight for music fans throughout southern Ontario and beyond, with many US visitors making their way to revel in the summer fun.


This year organizers have further expanded their ticket offerings, including campaign, hotel and shuttle packages as well as multiple ticket day formats through their Ticket Site.


ill Gates & Haus of Panda are headlining the Ontario stage, Toronto natives HYDEE & Crookedd are playing the Dub Arena, and London producer Khardiac & Nova Scotian DJ CRaymak are taking the Main Stage (Excalibur). We caught up with Khardiac in a recent interview.


Khardiac is a Canadian PsyTrance DJ & Producer based in London, Ontario having shared the stage with artists from Armin Van Buuren, Protoculture, Lange, Jordan Suckley to Jauz andmany others.

@thesceneinto: Why/how did you get involved with this festival?

@KhardiacMusic: I have been a part of Ever After Music Festival since it’s very first year. I was a local DJ under a different alias and I offered my assistance in the festival to do whatever it takes to get a spot on the local stage. Fortunately, my hard work paid off and I was successful with that.

I have built a great relationship with the festival ever since then and now I have been getting booked across different festivals and have even given a slot on the main-stage at EAMF.


@thesceneinto: What type of events do you enjoy playing the most?

@KhardiacMusic: I enjoy playing big festivals because I get to experiment different styles of music catered to a wider range of audience. However, i also enjoy smaller venues because it is more of an intimate vibe and I get to really show case the music I make with my day one fans along with my new fan base.


@thesceneinto: Where do you see electronic music in ten years…five years?

@KhardiacMusic: I see electronic music making a big U turn and going back to its original roots in the next ten years. I am a big believer in “history repeats itself” so in the next 5 years I see electronic music being very different and versatile and by that I mean different styles of music getting together to produce new sounds and new vibes in the industry.


@thesceneinto: What new evolutions in electronic music are you most excited about?

@KhardiacMusic: To me as a producer the biggest evolution I am most excited about is the fact that technology is improving. The production aspect of electronic music is going to expand like never before. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating new sounds, it is now much easier to execute ideas through the help of new technology rather than 10 years ago when the production tools were limited.


@thesceneinto: If you were to describe your music to someone in five words?

@KhardiacMusic: Psychedelic Trip through Electronic Sounds


@thesceneinto: Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

@KhardiacMusic: Currently I am very into the sounds of the LA producer ALRT. His sounds are a mix of HardStyle/Psy/Bass sounds that takes you on a very unique musical journey. I am also into the duo local artist Kingzmn. Their pop/electronic sounds are heartwarming and I enjoy listening to their music on my off days.

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