Collective Soul, celebrating 25 years of hit songs and the release of their new album Blood, are doing a few pop-up performances at festivals this summer as they plan for their yet unofficial Canadian Blood tour planned for October.

“When we get together to create there’s still that adrenaline rush, that special magical feeling; hair standing up on arms,” notes Will Turpin, bass and background vocals. “We’re previvors of emotions, it’s about connecting through emotion and capturing the listener. It’s very emotional to us and we want people to enjoy it.”

Since their 1993 hit “Shine” catapulted to No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and won a Billboard Music Award for top rock song, the band has had numerous accomplishments and celebrates by releasing its 10th studio album, Blood. E Roland is known as a prolific song writer but it’s the band “collective” nature that brings everything together.

Roland feels the best days of Collective Soul are on the horizon. “We’ve had a couple of hiccups here and there as any band does if they stay together long enough,” Roland admits, “but if the core stays there, then good things will happen. Blood is an accumulation of all the different styles we’ve used over the years — but it’s still Collective Soul. I think it’s the best we’ve ever done. I know you should think that, but I really do think it’s the best. It’s a good, consistent record. We’re just so proud of it.”

“Music is the last form of true magic,” says Will Turpin. “It has the power to heal people and bring back memories front and center and it’s especially true with this new record Blood. The name of the record is in reference to the blood brotherhood of the band and the legacy we leave behind.”

With over a hundred performances a year, it doesn’t leave much time to listen to ones one work. Something that caught Turpin’s attention when hanging out with his son who had listened to Disciplined Breakdown (1997) recently.

“The first 5 years we released 4 records, we poured our heart and soul into it, but then go on tour and you don’t always get the chance to listen to our own music,” denotes Turpin.  “I’ve recently done that where I listen to the full record of Disciplined Breakdown. I still have people come to me and tell me how much these songs move them.”

There seems to be no stopping Collective Soul. With discography that still captures young and old today and 2 records on the way; Blood already released and “Blood 2” on route for 2020, we’re all looking ahead to another quarter century of Collective magic.

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