Bestival returns to Toronto to bring its positive vibes and magical energy, this time at Woodbine Park, June 11th & 12th.  The line-up of artists keeps building and The SceneInTo was lucky enough to speak to Shaun Frank about his upcoming performance.

Born in Canada, Shaun Frank started collaborating in the electronic dance community in 2012, working on releases with artists such as Arty, Nicky Romero, Dyro, Glenn Morrison, Lush & Simon, 3LAU, Carl Nunes and Marien Baker. In just a short period of time these collaborations skyrocketed into the charts, leading to more requests for Shaun to participate in projects for Dim Mak, Armada, EMI Music, Universal, Parlophone and many more. Incorporating a new and exciting twist to regular live DJ performances, Shaun has been known to feature live vocals to his mixing. His international experience, having toured all four corners of the globe, has given him the charisma of a skilled performer – a fact that’s already been confirmed by the big crowds and fellow DJ’s

TheSceneInTO: You’ve toured a lot and given the chance, what’s the one thing you wished someone had told you while starting out? Any life lessons from the road?

Shaun Frank: Early in my career I was very lucky to have some pretty big record company’s and agents take notice of my music. I was very young at the time, and when these people came on board, I literally thought I had made it. The advice I could’ve used at the time was that no matter how big and powerful the people that come on board your project are, no one is going to care about as much as you do and no one is going to work on it as hard as you do. You have to believe in yourself, and never leave your music and your plans blindly in the hands of others. Taking the power back and staying as involved as possible for  my last few songs has really been a key to my latest successes.

TheSceneInTO: What’s the one festival you’ve always wanted to perform at? Any artist you’ve wanted to collaborate with?

Shaun Frank: I just spent the week-end at Coachella, and that’s a festival that I would really love to play next year. I’d love to collaborate with someone like Mike Snow.

TheSceneInTO: Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Shaun Frank: There’s a lot of amazing female vocalists / songwriters coming out right now that I’m really excited about. Delaney Jane, Ashe, Maty Noyes, Joy…I’m also absolutely loving everything Rufus Du Sol is putting out right now. Oh, and the new Majid Jordan album is amazing.

TheSceneInTO: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while touring or performing?

Shaun Frank: Early in my career I fell off the dj booth and broke a rib…that had to be the weirdest and stupidest thing haha.

TheSceneInTO: What’s next on your to-do list? Any collaborations, new albums, tour dates?

Shaun Frank: I’m coming off the back of 3 collaborations so it’s time for me to put out some Solo Records. I’ve been writing like crazy in Toronto, LA and Nashville, and I’m really excited about what’s coming up!

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