The Most Anticipated Cars This Year

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No matter the year, new cars are always viewed as sexy and en vogue. The auto industry has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past several years and still holds infinite promise for future innovation. This, coupled with the way in which technology continues to rapidly advance, creates an in-demand, exciting field that is fun to watch. Even better, it’s fun to be an active participant when you have the interest and funds. So, what are the most luxurious and fascinating cars to keep an eye on and maybe add to your own collection? Keep reading to find out.

Tesla Model 3

Leave it to Tesla to deliver new ideas all the time, like the Model 3. Available selectively now in the U.S. (depending on when you reserved it and whether you’re a current Tesla owner), the Model 3 is slated to be delivered to all interested buyers within the next 12-18 months. It’s not the most advanced car the brand has produced; in fact, the Model 3 is being referred to as simple, affordable and the safest of its class.

Car Tesla. Model S, Model 3.

What’s most exciting about this model is how accessible it is to many people who may not be able to afford models like the Model S. This means that well-made, extremely safe electric cars will be permeating our streets more than ever before.

Honda NueV

At CES 2017, Honda debuted its vision for an electric, autonomous car called the NueV. The company explained that the self-driving technology could be used to help the car owners make money, by picking up and dropping off passengers whenever the owner wasn’t using it (think: automated Uber).

Honda also revealed that the technology includes the Honda Automated Network Assistant AI (nicknamed HANA), which can sense the driver’s emotional state and recommend music and locations accordingly. Furthermore, Safe Swarm technology is promised to be part of this package, which is said to contribute to collision-free driving.

All of this sounds like it would make a sizzling hot ride, but the jury is still out about when (and if) this model is going to be manufactured.

Apple’s Self-Driving Technology

There were a lot of rumors about a self-driving Apple car swirling, but Tim Cook has made it clear that for the time being, the brand is only focusing on an underlying self-driving platform. This means Apple is building the software meant to enable driverless cars (not the car itself). Some reports have stated that the brand has given its engineering team until the end of this year to determine whether this will be a viable (and lucrative) pursuit, but it would be highly surprising if a technology leader like Apple ducked out of the smart-car competition entirely. If the company does move forward with self-driving technology we can all hope it’ll live up to Apple’s history of innovation.

It’s clear there’s a lot of excitement and possibility within the future of auto technology, much of which can undoubtedly make way for safer roads. But whether you are driving, or if it’s just technology behind the wheel, driving laws still apply. Both you (and your driverless car) will need to adhere to the rules of the road, which vary from state to state. It’s never a bad idea to brush up on those.

For now, keep driving safely and keep your eyes wide open for all that’s to come.

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