We’re back with the second act of World MasterCard Fashion Week! Let’s start things off with my favourite show of the week – Mackage. It might be because I am partial to outerwear or because I love navy blue, but there wasn’t one piece I didn’t like out of this collection. The jackets were slim cut and even included some splashes of red and black plaid for good measure. It was a fun and completely wearable collection.

Korhani Home

The Korhani shows always run the gamut in terms of colour and theme. This year was no different. They opened up with looks inspired by The Bride of Frankenstein, followed by 50’s mob wives, and finished up with a nod to disco inferno (let’s be clear, this is just how I interpreted the looks). You can’t help but be charmed by the use of colour, styling and the fact that you would be just as willing to have that carpet on your back, as you would on your floor.

DUY Nyguyen

DUY Nguyen of DUY and winner of the Mercedes –Benz Startup program impressed me with his intricate use of delicate fabric, fur, wool and sequins. In fact, my overall favourite look of fashion week came down the runway in this show. It was a white floor length skirt, paired with a soft cashmere long sleeve and a larger than life infinity scarf. Not my usual black and leather, but it was beyond pretty to the point of ethereal.

David Dixon

The show opened up with an old 50’s BBC clip touting that a woman’s proper place is in the home. The crowd’s laughter was cut short once the show started and remixes of songs like Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” were spliced with a famous Hillary Clinton speech. To be frank, the music was my favourite part of the show. The pieces were rather feminine and subdued in comparison to the heart thumping power anthems that were playing. With feather collars and ladylike suits, Dixon seems to understand what will sell, but perhaps not what will change the landscape of women’s fashion. Big props however to Rita Tesolin for the stunning and unique pieces of jewelry that really stole the show.

Well, there you have it! The tents are gone, the lights are dim and all that is left of fashion week are a few unclaimed swag bags and broken street style dreams. It was a slice and I will see you next season, when the circus comes back into town!

– Photographed by Melonie de Guzman for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway

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