The Minneapolis native relocated to Los Angeles in 2016 where she began to find pieces of herself tucked into the folds of LA’s rich musical history. Inspired by the cherished songwriters of her youth, she channeled that nostalgia, writing songs for the part of her that needed more of that feeling.

This musical combination creates a fresh suave and sultry sound with well written lyrics that allow you to find new nuances each time you listen. Just listen to her live rendition of Bad Habits on the Current here. It will instantly move you and create an emotional attachment. The perfect song to set the mood.

The Scene was able to catch up with Your Smith before she makes her appearance September 26 at The Monarch Tavern. Tickets found here, but selling fast.

You have a very distinct singer/songwriter feel to your music and lyrics. Where does your inspiration come from or what’s driven you write these songs?

I think singer/songwriters are the backbone to the music I grew up listening to- artists like Paul Simon, Carole King, Aretha Franklin. I’ve always been someone that listens to the lyrics first. I don’t even notice the production til maybe the third or fourth go on a song. And those artists could articulate an emotion I was feeling so honestly and flawlessly, it was like they had written the songs for me. Writing songs that made other people feel that way was a huge inspiration to me.

You have quite an extensive touring schedule. Have you also participated in music festivals this year? Is there one that stands out to you that you’ve always wanted to perform at?

No festivals yet this year- I’m not necessarily a huuuge festival goer. But I guess if I had to pick one, it’d be Glastonbury because my sister-in-law has always wanted to go and I promised her someday I’d take her.

I noticed on a few of your video posts, fans were asking about the name change. What’s the reason behind going from full name to more of a “group” name vibe?

I had previously been releasing music under my name, and I was feeling a lot of things out publicly, a little all over the place for a lack of a better term. I spent the last few years honing in on my message and my sound and who I want to be/represent, and I felt the best way to honor that would be to start fresh. But I didn’t want to alienate any previous listeners or people that connected with something I’d written. So I wanted to let them know, I’m still the same person, I’m still your Smith. I’m just Your Smith now.

Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Aside from my current obsession with Wings right now, I’m really excited about other female singer songwriters that are fucking killing it and fighting to make that lane less and less niche. Artists like Phoebe Bridgers, King Princess, and Miya Folick.

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