Steam Whistle’s Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival Celebrates 5 Years

Steam Whistle’s Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival returns for its 5th year on August 13th & 14th from noon to 6p.m. with tickets already sell out fast.

“We believe that Steam Whistle’s Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival keeps growing because of the growing excitement around Ontario’s the craft beer scene. What makes our festival unique is its laid back atmosphere, which allows the space for meaningful interactions between the brewers and festival goers,” remarks Tim McLaughlin, brand manager at Steam Whistle Brewing and one of the RHCBF creators. “At Steam Whistle, we have worked and attended countless beer festivals over the years, and with the RHCBF, we wanted to develop a festival that we would want to attend both from a brewer and consumer’s perspective.”

Hosted by Steam Whistle Brewing in Roundhouse Park, the Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival (#RHCBF) continues to stand out amongst the numerous beer fests the city now offers. Over the years as the festival grows more and breweries have come on board and each year there’s something new from the creative team.

“We always have a few surprises we keep close to the vest. But I can tell you the T-Shirt gun will be back! We’re also hoping to have a make-your-own-cotton-candy,” says McLaughlin.

Thanks to the growing enthusiasm for Ontario Craft Beer, the festival has grown from 12 breweries in its first year to an expected 40 breweries and over 15 gourmet food vendors as it celebrates five years of heat-beating, thirst-quenching outdoor fun.

And when asked about favourite memories, McLaughlin took a pause. There’s a lot that’s happened in past few years to fill anyone’s photo album (Instagram) and I’m sure every attendee has their favourite moment. For McLaughlin “the one that always comes to mind is from the first year, now five years ago, when I was looking up at the hill in Roundhouse Park and saw hundreds of people just hanging-out on picnic blankets, enjoying local craft beers, in the heart of downtown Toronto that was certainly a highlight. Another memorable moment was seeing a paid duty police officer rocking out on the dance floor!”

Tickets for the 5th anniversary celebration are available now at

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