Even a group of adults (and there were many) can have a roaring good time at Medieval Times.

Even a group of adults (and there were many) can have a roaring good time at Medieval Times.

What does a typical Friday night in Toronto look like for you? Do you go out for dinner with friends? Maybe grab some drinks and chat about your week? Or do you shout at men in tights riding stunningly beautiful horses? I know, I know, all three sound great, so before you go out to your local pub and holler “where the horses at?”, check out Medieval Times where all of these things are allowed and won’t get you kicked out.

We tested this theory out after our friends at Medieval Times invited us for a night of chivalry and we weren’t disappointed. The show itself cycles through several plots (so if you go more than once, you’re not likely to see the same show repeatedly). Our plot included a snappy Lord Chancellor (with great comedic timing), a king, princess, bad guy and lots of knights. No matter which show you see, the heart of it always remains the same – fun for all, young or old.

Our group yelled at the top of our lungs until we went hoarse, we laughed, jeered and had an absolute blast. Ourselves and the entire (packed) audience enjoyed the chivalry, rivalry and the revelry.

Believe it or not, you’re really never too old to eat with your hands and cheer for the dashing green knight. The next time you and your pals are looking for something different to do, I suggest you head back in time and join the royal court. It’s a jolly good time all around.

Medieval Times is located on the Exhibition Grounds at 10 Dufferin Street.

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