Holiday Party Entertaining – Hosting 101

Gabbiano Wine

Gabbiano Wine

Holiday parties are fun in the moment, but when in planning mode, it can feel like coal in your stocking – weighing you down and burdensome. One of the most perplexing holiday planning hiccups is wine – knowing what to choose, how to store, etc. As a certified sommelier and chef, I can share my sommelier secrets and party planning tips to help you plan smartly and smoothly.

  1. Check your List – Santa isn’t the only one checking his list. Look at your invite list and think about who is coming to the party. Think about what drinks you’ve seen them sipping on. Purchase your bevies with their tastes in mind.
  2. Sipping Staples – You may not be able to note everyone’s taste, so make sure to always have the basic arsenal of drinks, which includes a few crowd-pleasing reds and whites. These are the wines that you know everyone will enjoy. For example, I love stocking my parties with Gabbiano Chianti Classico, it is a lovely, ruby-toned medium-bodied red that has a harmonizing blend of fruitiness, freshness and flavourful length, mmmm cheers!
  3. Wine Cart or Corner – Set-up an area just for wine. Have your glasses and a corkscrew ready so people can help themselves. Ensure to keep at least one of the whites on ice in an ice bucket, with your backup in the refrigerator.
  4. Bountiful Bites – You think this would go without saying, but make sure to have enough food. Hanger is real and will sour a party faster than a bad glass of egg nog. If you don’t have enough bites, you may end up on many friends’ naughty list.
  5. Attentive Host – Lastly, be a good host and make sure that people are topped up if needed, at least for their first glass. As well, always, remember to be a responsible host and make sure everyone gets home safely.

By following these tips, you’ll succeed in being the toast of the holidays!

About The Author

In addition to an impressive culinary career as a chef, Tonia Wilson is also a certified sommelier with great depth of knowledge in the world of wine and beer. She has worked, lived and eaten in many of the world’s great culinary cities and uses her knowledge to teach and write about the relationship between food, wine and beer.

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