Firstly, all tickets are only $15. This is an incredible deal to see such amazing performances in this great acoustic venue.

Taking place at The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts for 4 performances October 6 -7, the Fall For Dance North festival presents a range of dance companies from Canada and around the world, including a few Canadian debuts, festival commissions, a world premiere and unforgettable live music collaborations like Natasha Bakht who’s dance works Obiter Dictum and Dafeena were nominated for Dora Awards in ​2003 and 2010. Her Thursday and Friday performance will feature a live performance by alexander Macsween and Pierre Yves-Martel.

A personal standout performances from last night was FALLING ANGELS, by Jiří Kylián (1989) performed by Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Jiří Kylián shapes an energetic, tumultuous action to “Drumming Part 1” by Steve Reich, whose 80th birthday is being celebrated around the world throughout 2016. Reich’s energetic and moving piece was inspired by percussion rituals in Ghana. Since West African rituals are always accompanied by dances, the choreography supplements this essential component to complete the piece of music. In Kylian’s view, the drums evoke dreams, and so he gives his imagination free rein in this piece.

Other personal must sees for tonight and tomorrow include:

786 performed by Natasha Bakht with live music performance by alexander Macsween and Pierre Yves-Martel – 786 is the total value of the letters in the Islamic phrase “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim”, which is commonly translated as, “In the name of God, most gracious, most compassionate”. This is a phrase that some Muslims will often say before beginning a significant endeavour. This piece explores the sacred in the everyday. It strives to shift people’s misconceptions about Muslims, highlighting the positive aspects of this stigmatized community (communities really) including their artistic and creative sides.

1981FM by Throwdown Collective (2013) – Attempting to perform incredible feats of stunt car driving, the three performers are stopped short when their car fails to start. 1981FM rewinds time back to 1981, complete with a soundtrack of hits from the time, vintage Chevrolet Chevette, and authentic costumes. With their signature athleticism and humour the three daredevils perform in, around, and on top of their tireless Chevette.

Shumka, Canada’s only professional Ukrainian dance company, has more than 55 years of performance history. It’s fun and colourful showcasing the Ukrainian heritage. Shumka, means whirlwind and Classic Hopak is its signature piece. Applauded on stages around the world, Hopak celebrates tradition with choreographic patterns, grace and athleticism. The company continually challenges conventional boundaries in order to define the experience of Ukrainian dance in the context of today.

The full program and $15 any seat tickets can be found via

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