On Saturday, June 22, Electric Island will emit love as the city of Toronto celebrates Pride weekend! The music festival moves to Woodbine Park to extend the city’s Pride celebrations. Dance music has always been inclusive of all sexes, races and religions, no matter where you come from, the dance floor unites us. On June 22, Electric Island brings together an eclectic lineup of international artists to dance the day (and night) away

Returning to Electric Island on the Main stage, is eccentric world renowned techno and house producer Seth Troxler, legendary DJ Harvey – best known for his all-night marathon sets and hedonistic disco, ‘Bye-Bye Plastic’ founder and music enthusiast Blond:ish, one of the leading lights of the Dutch electronic music scene Tom Trago, and with support from Toronto’s very own Gera and Diana McNally. Also on tap this weekend is Montreal vocalist and performer Pony who gives us an inside

@thesceneinto: As a vocalist you have the opportunity to explore all genres of music, what made you decide to get into the electronic scene?

@Pony: I love electronic music. It’s like a fantasy world with no limitations.

@thesceneinto: Have you ever experimented with production in addition to singing?

@Pony: I have produced. I co-produce almost every project I’m on, and can’t wait to start my solo project which is coming soon. Stay tuned.

@thesceneinto: Your music is very upbeat and fun, what do you love most about performing along-side a DJ?

@Pony: I have many sides, different emotions and they change like the weather. Performing with a DJ was never intentional. I grabbed the mic at parties and just practiced free-styling and singing. Some hated it, some loved it. Once refined, it became a thing.

@thesceneinto: In regards to the last question, what do you find the biggest differences in your set are when you are performing strictly vocal to when you have a DJ beside you? Such as your usual partner The Fitness.

@Pony: I guess whenever you collaborate with someone you compromise a part of yourself while adapting to their being. It’s never the same and always a different feeling. I love the element of surprise so it’s always fun. A lot is unrehearsed and keeps things inter-esting.

@thesceneinto: Montreal and Toronto have a lot in common in terms of their music scene, would you say Montreal is ahead and if so, how?

@Pony: I’m Montreal born and raised; I love the culture and it’s admiration for art. When I was younger we moved back and forth to Mississauga, so I’ve gained a lot from the GTA. When it comes to art there’s no race or competition. No one is ahead. There’s no front or back; it’s very linear. Sound resonates and even the deaf can feel vibration.

@thesceneinto: What do you enjoy most about performing at Picnik Electronik in Montreal? How do you think it will compare to playing at Electric Island in Toronto?

@Pony: I’m super excited for all future shows whether they be in Montreal, Toronto, New York, London, or my backyard. Piknic has a special place in my heart which I hold dear. Electric island is a new beast. I can’t wait for both!!!

On the Moog Audio Stage, we present DJ collective Honey Soundsystem – the voice of San Francisco’s gay underground scene, American house music producer and Defected artist Tom Stephan, co-founder of the infamous party brand ‘A Club Called Rhonda‘ Goddollars,  and support from Karim Olen Ash and Aeryn Pfaff.


Be sure to save the dates for:  Saturday, August 10th; and a two-day festival season finale on Saturday August 31, and Sunday, September 1st.

For more information, visit www.electricisland.to!


Photo Credit for cover (Victoria Day Island Party) : Alec Donnell Luna of Ded Agency – All Right Reserved ©_01


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