Snacking with Darcy Tucker during the NHL Playoffs

Darcy Tucker snackingSpring usually means warmer weather is on the way, and outdoor activities will ensue. However, with Canada being…well…Canada, April-June drives many to stay inside while following all the action playoff hockey provides. And snacking up a storm!

With 68 playoff games to his credit, we caught up with former NHLer Darcy Tucker to chat about this exciting time of year, and some of his own playoff snacking preferences.

TheSceneInTO: Is this (playoffs) the most exciting time of year for you?
Darcy: Absolutely. Watching hockey and watching the playoffs is something every Canadian person loves. High Intensity. The game seems to change…I love watching it. I’m in front of the TV most nights with my two young boys.

TheSceneInTO: How does an NHL alum who played on a variety of teams throughout his career pick a team to support?
Darcy: I don’t necessarily pick a team come playoff time. I think the brand of hockey at playoff time more suits the way I played over the course of my career…I enjoy watching all of them.

TheSceneInTO: Hockey obviously runs in your family – is watching it a family activity?
Darcy: Ya, it’s either with my family or with friends. We get together with friends and watch the games. Especially with the games the way they are in the playoffs going into overtime with the high stress. You need something to snack on.

TheSceneInTO: That leads perfectly into our next question – is snacking a key part of watching sports for you?
Darcy: Absolutely…when you’re watching games, you want something to snack on with your buddies. I toss ‘em a bag of pistachios, they’re crunching through it, we’re having a few laughs, and I’m telling old stories about when I played in the playoffs.

TheSceneInTO: Do you have a flavour preference?
Darcy: Salt and pepper from Wonderful Pistachios. But also their sweet chili is coming along as a favourite with the group of my buddies.

TheSceneInTO: You were known as a bit of an agitator while you played – how agitating is it when you find a pistachio with a suuuuper slim crack or no crack at all?!
Darcy: Ya it’s a little bit like the way I played the game isn’t it? It tends to give you a little trouble but if you have perseverance, you tend to get in it pretty quick.

snacking nuts pistachios darcy tuckerTheSceneInTO: People are very health conscious these days – do you think that has impacted playoff snacking rituals?
Darcy: I think it has – yeah. People are looking for healthy snack options beyond the norm.

TheSceneInTO: While you were playing, you must have spent a lot of time eating with teammates – who could unsuspectingly pack it away? Maybe a small guy who just tore up the buffet?
Darcy: Umm, tore up the buffet? I’m not gonna name any names but there WERE some people I played with who could tear up the buffet. I’m not going to throw anybody under the bus in this situation.

TheSceneInTO: Just three more questions. Best city for food?
Darcy: New York.

TheSceneInTO: Best teammate to grab a bite with?
Darcy: Bryan McCabe.

TheSceneInTO: Best cook (out of former teammates)?
Darcy: I didn’t play with any cooks, hahaha.


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