It’s summer time and that means that one of our great summer traditions is back: Shakespeare in High Park

The park is an absolutely beautiful place to be, and the opportunity to experience quality Pay-What-You-Can prices for theatre is always a bonus. Above all, my favourite three things about Shakespeare in High Park are the following:

  1. It is a quintessential part of summer in Toronto. Now in its 34th year, it reminds people that High Park is not just for cherry blossom season, and it’s worth the TTC token for those who don’t wander out of the downtown core often.
  2. It makes theatre, particularly Shakespeare, very accessible to everyone. Looking around at the crowd, there are families with children, couples, groups of adults, groups of teens who have just read Hamlet in school that year. [Small shout out to Mina James who I went to high school with and studied Hamlet together in English class.] Her role is smaller in Hamlet, but I am excited to see her as Helen in All’s Well That Ends Well.
  3. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is a great place for a picnic. What other theatre allows you to bring in food and blankets and enjoy dinner theatre under the stars?

Join Canadian Stage this summer with Hamlet running Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8 pm and All’s Well That Ends Well on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 pm. Seating is first come, first served and performances are pay what you can, with a suggested $20 contribution. You can also book advanced premium seating for $25 (comes with a cushion for the evening) at Don’t forget your bug spray!

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Sarah Chan never wants to own a car. Steadiest on her own two feet, it is her preferred method of travel to explore the streets of the city where she lives and works. She grew up as a tomboy, listening to 680 News and with a mother who could not cook. Via strange magic, she is now hardly ever found wearing pants (opting for dresses and skirts, not public indecency), lives for the performing arts and is eating – always eating. Sarah often takes her walking talents, her love of street style, art galleries, opera and her insatiable appetite around the world. A constant sufferer of cabin fever and wanderlust, for which the only cure is hopping on board an airplane. Sarah is very particular with customs agents around the world where they are allowed to stamp her passport. Favourite place in TO: A moment of rare silence at the crosswalk at Wellington and Spadina.

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