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Tracey Erin Smith — The Canadian ‘pied piper’ of personal storytelling — leads her Soulo Tribe to The Big Apple

SOULO NYC festival

Artistic Director and award-winning solo performer Tracey Erin Smith is taking her Soulo Theatre tribe on a road trip to New York City.

Highlights of the SOULO NYC festival include a series of master-class workshops led by the best solo theatre instructors in North America, and a specially curated showcase of performances by the best and brightest of new Canadian solo performers. The SOULO NYC festival is hosted by New York’s prestigious new-work incubator Theaterlab from April 9-12, 2015, culminating in a performance by The Traveling Canadian Soulo Stars on Sunday April 14 at 7pm.

Soulo Theatre encourages anyone interested in solo theatre — performers, writers, teachers, and audience members, Canadian and American — to come along on this remarkable journey of storytelling and discovery. Register for workshops and purchase tickets for the Sunday evening performance now to ensure your spot! Full Pass and individual event/workshop admissions are available via

Take a look at the Workshops you can register for (all at Theaterlab):

SOULO: Tracey Erin Smith — The Canadian 'pied piper' of personal storytelling

SOULO: Tracey Erin Smith — The Canadian ‘pied piper’
of personal storytelling.

“WRITING LIFE: Put Yourself Into Your Writing” by Chris Wells. Thurs Apr 9, 2pm-5pm
Deep exploration combined with the swift creation of new work, Writing Life is the brainchild of Chris Wells, Obie Award winning performer, writer, teacher and community leader. Through dialog, exercises, timed writings and assignments, Wells leads people on an exploration into who they are as artists while inspiring real breakthroughs on their projects. Writing Life has been called “life-changing” and “pure magic”. Instructor“TELL YOUR STORY: The Art Of The Autobiographical Solo Show” by Matt Hoverman. Fri Apr 10, 11am-1pm
A fun, interactive workshop on how to turn the raw details of your life into compelling, funny, and theatrical stories for the stage – the GO-SOLO way! Participants will create, rehearse and perform a 90-second autobiographical solo show. For actors, writers and regular folk who suspect they have a story to tell. Emmy Award-winning writer and teacher Matt Hoverman has midwived hundreds of solo shows in his GO-SOLO Workshops, including winners of the 2005, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013 FringeNYC Best Solo Show Awards. Instructor info:“FINDING THE FUNNY: Adding Humour To Your Tale” by Peter Michael Marino onFri April 10, 2pm-4pm
Struggling to lighten things up? This workshop will explore the tools of comedy and how to use them add humor, merriment and fun to your story. Acclaimed performer & award-winning instructor Peter Michael Marino (Desperately Seeking the Exit, Founder of the SOLOCOM festival in NYC) has been directing, developing, writing & performing solo shows for over 15 years. Instructor info:

“STORYTELLER AS SHAMAN: Creating Transformational Work” by Tracey Erin Smith. Sat Apr 11, 10am-2pm.
Creating and performing a solo show can be a transformational experience for you and for your audience. Solo performers are entertainers, guides, shamans, healers, educators and shape shifters. This work can be your spiritual practice and an act of service. Uncover the lessons you’ve learned and can now teach. Mine your soul and personality to discover what your unique brand of ‘Shaman’ is, while keeping and using your sense of humour. Festival organizer Tracey Erin Smith is the creator/performer of five award-winning solo shows (Broadway World Award, Critic’s Pick Backstage Magazine, Audience Choice Frigid Festival x 2) and an international instructor of solo show creation. Instructor info:

“SOLO CLINIC & READING” by Tracey Erin Smith & Valerie Hager. Sun Apr 12, 10am-1pm (Free Public Reading at 1pm)
Exciting practical clinic – Bring in 5 minutes of material, get feedback, rehearse and share your work in a Public Reading at Theaterlab. Instructor info:

Franny McCabe-Bennett's These Aren't My Real Boobs — A one woman show about eating, bodies, baking and being the perfect hostess.

Franny McCabe-Bennett’s These Aren’t My Real Boobs — A one woman show about eating, bodies, baking and being the perfect hostess.

Here’s a look at the Canadian shows to be showcased:

  • UNDERCOVER FAIRY by Terrence Bryant — Recounts his experiences growing up gay in a small town, blue-collar family in the ‘60’s before pride was a part of the gay lifestyle.
  • PERCHED by Kristina Agosti — What to do when your rhythm is interrupted? How do you fly? How do you let go of the past? What from your past needs to be uncovered? What nearly kills you gives you life.
  • LIFE ON THE ROAD OUT OF TOWN by Sara Armstrong — Held straight jobs forever, finally started taking acting classes later in life (fun, fun, fun). A little about how she got to where she is now (wherever that is!).
  • FRACTURED by Nicola Elbro — A girl who spends the first 13 years of her life in and out of casts due to a strong sense of immortality and a questionable IQ, encounters death for the first time at the age of 14, and it overwhelms her. Later, she decides to combat her fear of death and loss by volunteering at a camp for children with cancer…naturally.
  • THESE AREN’T MY REAL BOOBS (AND THIS ISN’T MY REAL STOMACH) by Franny McCabe-Bennett — A one woman show about eating, bodies, baking and being the perfect hostess.
  • THE VALUE OF TRYING by Katie Ford — A one-person show that brings us into the world of…well, the value of trying. In a society driven by success, where the attainment of goals becomes our number one priority. Can there be virtue in simply trying, even if the outcome is “failure”? Courage is a virtue and there is honour in the attempt.


Theaterlab (357 W 36th St, New York, NY) ~ Map

Workshops run Thurs April 9 – Sun April 12, 2015
Showcase Performance on Sun April 12, 2015 at 7pm

Workshop and Performance tickets available via

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