Celebrate CHIN In Little Italy

The CHIN International Picnic is back to celebrate another year as Torontonians line the streets to embrace multiculturalism and diversity in Canada.

For the third year in a row, The CHIN International Picnic will return to its birthplace, Little Italy, on June 17 and 18. Founder Johnny Lombardi has remained a truly historic Canadian for his efforts in creating multicultural awareness in Canada. Renowned for being the first multicultural broadcaster in

Ontario, the iconic Lombardi brought communities together creating an event where cultural differences could be embraced. Today his children, Lenny and Theresa, continue their father’s legacy promoting cultural diversity on radio and TV.

“This year we want an even larger focus to be placed on our Canadian roots,” says Lenny Lombardi, President of CHIN RADIO. “We’ve been lucky to live in a country that allows us to express our own culture and traditions freely, this is what CHIN RADIO stands for and has encouraged since our inception 50 years ago.” Lombardi adds, “We’re celebrating 150 years of cultural freedom in Canada this year, and 150 more to come.”

This year there will be a special focus on the country that encouraged the Lombardi family to express cultural pride through media and set a positive example for other Canadians to do the same as they celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. CHIN RADIO will unveil 150 names of influential ethnic Canadians who have made a significant contribution to a culturally diverse Canadian society in the last 150 years. The names will be chosen by CHIN RADIO producers and contributors of radio programs broadcast on CHIN RADIO Toronto and Ottawa and will represent the wide range of cultural communities served on CHIN Radio.

On June 17 and 18, the CHIN Picnic will once again coincide with the Taste of Little Italy on College St. The weekend will be filled with multicultural entertainment including performances by Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and Hispanic artists, that include Riccardo Fogli, Lucky Duckies, Juliana, Yan Collazo, Carolina La O, Alexandra, Chantel, and Erick Trejo-Beltran “MC Sulek”.

If last year’s festivities are a sign for what this year will bring, it’s going to be a great party!

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