Everyone needs some extra time in their day, here we offer suggestions for 5 Life-Hack Products You Need in Your Life

To say that your life is busy is probably the understatement of the year. If your to-do list reads more like the Magna Carta, it’s no wonder you feel like you’re constantly on the move and trying to catch up.

This is why when a seemingly simple product comes along that gives you back a few precious minutes of your life, you celebrate it, praise it and cling to it like a life preserver.

With this in mind, check out the following products you will never again go without:

Mirror Wiper

If you find yourself using your towel to wipe down your fogged up mirror after your shower, the Mudder Magic Squeegee is for you. This bladed wiper allows you to effortlessly clean your mirror in seconds. Pick up a second one for your car so you can quickly swipe your windshield in the mornings and quickly get on the road to work.

Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit

Many people find that it takes twice as long to thread a needle in a traditional sewing kit than it actually does to mend the hole in their garment. With these pre-threaded needles, you can grab the needle and color of thread you need and be ready to sew in seconds.

Personalized Gift Wrap

Going to birthday parties and weddings is fun. Realizing the day of the festivities that you are out of appropriate gift wrap and rushing off to the store to buy some is not. Save yourself time and money by customizing and printing word search wrapping paper. This is a great way to wrap your gifts with a thoughtful personal touch. For example, create a word search for a birthday boy or girl with words like “Happy Birthday,” the person’s name and other cheerful phrases like “Cake,” “Terrific” or “Great Day.” Use a colorful marker to circle “Happy Birthday” and then wrap the gift.


Whether you’re speed reading to study for your English quiz next period, or you’re trying to get through a brief for your morning meeting, Scanmarker sets a high bar for the new world of digital highlighters. Run the marker over lines of copy and it transfers text to your computer or mobile device. The marker also has read-aloud capabilities which means you can listen to the text as you hover over it. Scanmarker Air connects wirelessly through Bluetooth and works with any word processing application.

All-in-One Travel Coffee Maker and Mug

There’s nothing like a good cup o’ Joe to make you a better person in the morning. Thanks to the Bodum Travel Press, you can enjoy your caffeine fix while on the go. Add ground coffee and hot water, seal the lid and head out in your car to work or to run your errands—no more waiting around at home for your coffee machine to do its thing or idling in endless lines at the coffee shop drive-thru. After four minutes, simply press down on the plunger and enjoy a fresh and hot cup of coffee. If you prefer tea, you can also use the Bodum press to make other hot beverages of your choice.

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