best hair treatmentLuscious locks like those found on celebrity hair heroines like Jennifer Aniston and Beyoncé take work, so what are those of us without full-time stylists to do? The answer to this never-ending dilemma of busy moms and working women lies, as it always seems to, in multitasking. When you’re asleep, an overnight hair treatment mask can do the work of smoothing and conditioning your hair so you wake up with locks so luscious you’ll feel like a celebrity.

If the word mask is throwing you off, don’t worry. Hair masks are simply intense conditioners that contain more of the usual active ingredients like fatty acids and vitamins. That’s why hair masks are so good at returning moisture to hair and protecting it – they essentially repair environmental and styling damage temporarily to tame frizz and enhance color for up to a month.

What follows are some of the best overnight hair treatment options available today, for every budget and every type of hair.

Living Proof Night Cap

One of the biggest hair tips that actress Jennifer Aniston has shared is that she doesn’t wash her hair multiple times in one week. Instead, she became the co-owner of a hair care line that was developed by MIT scientists, called Living Proof. They created a product called Night Cap, which was designed to give you one week (or up to five shampoos) of shiny, vibrant, and more manageable hair. It’s quickly absorbed by damp hair making it pillow safe – no uncomfortable head wraps required – and it works wonderfully on all hair types.

Alterna’s Caviar

Get your snooze on while your hair gets stronger with Alterna’s Caviar Overnight Hair Rescue, a deep penetrating treatment that restores hair’s natural vitality with ingredients like caviar extract and vitamin C. The more you use this mask, the healthier your hair will become, making it perfect for highly processed hair as well as hair that is showing its age.


Inspired by aloe, Biolage’s HYDRASOURCE moisturizing hair mask works to optimize hair’s natural moisture balance for healthier looking and softer hair. It softens and repairs hair in as little as five minutes but can also be left on overnight for intense results. This treatment works wonders on afro-textured hair but is suitable for all hair types, and the paraben-free formula is also specially formulated for color-treated hair.

Satinique Overnight Repair Treatment

Designed to mend 100% of split ends while you sleep, the Satinique repair mask from Amway nourishes hair deeply without negatively impacting color. The key ingredient is the patented Enerjuve Complex, which revitalizes distressed, damaged hair by hydrating and resurfacing the cuticle, making it perfect for dull and dry hair of any texture.

Coconut Oil

You may be surprised to learn that this budget hair moisturizer is actually as good as its reputation. Call it Mother Nature’s own hair repair, coconut oil smoothes frizz and leaves hair looking shiny and lush. The good news is that a little goes a long way and coconut oil works well on almost all hair types (with the exception of thin or fine hair). The bad news is that you will need to wrap your hair to protect your pillow when you leave it in overnight.

Ultimately the best overnight hair treatment will be the one that works great on your hair – and that might not be the same mask that works well for friends and family. Ideally, start by finding a mask that’s designed for your hair type and give it a try. If you love the results then use it as often as recommended. If you don’t, it’s time to move on to the next overnight hair treatment. You’ll know when you’ve found the right mask because you’ll wake up to paparazzi-worthy tresses – no stylist necessary.


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