For the past four years has brought dance music fans a party overlooking the city. Electric Island concert + picnic series let’s you party the summer away with five installments announced for May 23rd, July 1st, August 1st, and September 4th and 5th. More information can be found via the website or all social channels. Ahead of this long weekend’s event, we caught up with Nature of Music to discuss touring, festivals and all things music.

Make sure to take a listen to their most recent release — “Amsterdam” EP, which was released on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label:

TheSceneInTO: Based on your experiences gigging in other cities, what’s the one thing you wished someone had told you while starting out? Any life lessons from the road?

Nature of Music: The one lesson that stands out the most is when we learned that you have to have a plan and you have to stay committed to it. It’s important to find your own niche and to grow with it over time and to be patient. Although it may be difficult at the beginning, if you stay with your plan long enough, eventually it will pay off and you will start to see results.

TheSceneInTO: What are your festivals to perform at?

Nature of Music: This summer we have Electric Island, Senseless and Playground confirmed. And there’s a possibility that we play at an Off Sonar party in Barcelona.

TheSceneInTO: Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Nature of Music: We’re really liking the stuff we’re hearing from Powel, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, Petrichor, Yapacc, Toki Fuko and Timelapse…

TheSceneInTO: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while touring or performing?

Nature of Music: Nothing too weird has happened to be honest (Luckily ☺), but there was this one night when we were both so tired before our show and we took a disco nap, ended up totally missed our gig. Luckily the people who organized the night were friends and understood; otherwise it wouldn’t be good at all…

TheSceneInTO: What’s next on your to-do list? Any collaborations, new albums, gigs?

Nature of Music: We have three remixes and some original projects to finish; we’re also doing collaborations with Tigerskin and Powel.

As for gigs we’re playing in Miami at Do Not Sit On The Furniture. Then we’re taking time off for production and some travelling until July, we’re playing at Senseless and at Salon Daome in Montreal.

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