[one_half]Masque [mask, mahsk]
1. a form of aristocratic entertainment in England in the 16th and 17th centuries, originally consisting of
pantomime and dancing but later including dialogue and song, presented in elaborate productions given by
amateur and professional actors.
2. a dramatic composition for such entertainment.
3. a masquerade; masked ball; revel.
Origin: 1505–15; < Middle French[/one_half]

[one_half_last]sa·lon [suhlon; French sa-lawn]
Noun, plural sa·lons
1. a drawing room or reception room in a large house.
2. an assembly of guests in such a room, especially an assembly, common during the 17th and 18th centuries, consisting of the leaders in society, art, politics, etc.
3. a hall or place used for the exhibition of works of art.
1705–15; < French < Italian salone, equivalent to sal ( a ) hall*[/one_half_last]

Toronto Masque Theatre's Euridice et ses "compagnes fidèles"

Teri Dunn (centre) as Euridice

In their tenth season, the always engaging Toronto Masque Theatre continues to bring the arts together through a combination of music, theatre, opera, poetry and dance.

One of the wonderful things about TMT is their commitment to making their age old craft accessible to audiences today and in that spirit, on March 3rd, they will present a special salon covering the history of masque and how the art form is being remembered and reinvented for contemporary times.

In attendance and leading the discussions will be Artistic Director Larry Beckwith, U of T Professor Katie Larson and novelist Steven Heighton (librettist for Toronto Masque Theatre’s latest commission, Europa and the White Bull).Together they will explore the power of collaboration, history and future of masque. A sneak peek into the details of the Theatre’s 2014-2015 season will also be announced.

Among the performers will be soprano Patricia O’Callaghan and guitarist Ken Whiteley.

Toronto Masque Theatre's Proserpine et Hades

Toronto Masque Theatre’s Proserpine et Hades with Shannon Mercer as Proserpine and Alexander Dobson as Hades

What      Masque: History of an Interdisciplinary Art-form, a special salon
When     Monday, March 3, 2014, 7:30 p.m
Where    21 Shaftesbury Avenue, Toronto @ Summerhill Subway
How       Tickets: by donation ($20 suggested). Register through TMT’s website or phone 416 410 4561
Who       For more information on Toronto Masque Theatre please visit their website.

*I haven’t used any dictionary definitions on the site before, but I thought these two words were so romantic that I felt I had to. –JW

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