Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you dreaming of a place where the Wi-Fi is fast, the gaming jobs are plenty, and the conventions never end? Well, pack your consoles and grab your controllers because we’ve got the scoop on the best Canadian cities for gamers to call home!

According to the cool cats over at BonusFinder Canada, the Great White North is more like the Great Gaming North, with a whopping 60% of Canadians identifying as gamers. That’s a lot of late-night raids and epic wins! And with the industry set to hit a high score of $10 billion by 2027, it’s game on for finding the ultimate gamer’s paradise.

So, where should you set up your gaming rig? Topping the leaderboard is none other than Toronto, scoring a legendary 9.27 out of 10. With four gaming conventions, 74 entertainment centers, and 43 game dev studios, it’s the promised land for button-mashers and joystick-jockeys alike.

Not far behind, Montreal levels up as the runner-up, boasting a youthful vibe and a treasure trove of gaming jobs—306 to be exact. That’s more than double what Toronto offers! Add to that 29 game studios and three conventions, and you’ve got a city that’s serious about play.

Sharing the third spot on the podium, Edmonton and Calgary are neck and neck, each with two gaming and board game conventions and internet speeds that’ll have you downloading the latest releases faster than you can say “respawn.”

And for those who like their gaming with a side of mountain air, Vancouver’s the place to be. Ranking fifth, it’s a haven for 137 gaming jobs, 29 dev studios, and a couple of conventions to boot.

Ready to learn more and see if your city made the cut? Check out the full rankings and dive into the data at BonusFinder’s blog post. And hey, don’t forget to give a shoutout to Bonus.ca for crunching the numbers and making this list possible.

Game on, Canada!

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