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Uptown’s clean skincare favourite, Consonant Skincare, opens their second location in the PATH

Well hello there, you gorgeous human being. Say hello to Consonant Skincare's new downtown location in the PATH.

Well hello there, you gorgeous human being. Say hello to Consonant Skincare’s new downtown location in the PATH.

Consonant has been available throughout North America wholesale for six years, and their flagship store at Yonge Eglinton has long been flocked to by fans of the clean living brand for four years running. Opening their second store, a small 300 square foot space in Toronto’s bustling underground PATH system, now introduces the brand to hundreds of people previously unfamiliar with their skincare lines.

Owner, Bill Baker:

This store was built for the convenience of our loyal downtown customers who would travel to the Uptown store for product, and also to broaden our reach. We’ve focused on smaller packaging of our favourite products which are great for the gym and traveling, and we hope this will appeal to the busy set who work and play downtown. <

Baker’s motto is “what goes on your body, goes in your body” and with that in mind, Consonant’s products are formulated to be 100 per cent natural and free from synthetic ingredients. All products are made in Canada and created with high concentrations of organic botanical ingredients, formulated to work in tandem with the body’s natural chemistry.

Toronto’s PATH sees 200,000 commuters traverse its corridors on average, Monday through Friday. Consonant’s new location focuses on offering their staple products in smaller, portable containers.

The new Consonant Skincare store is located in the Richmond Adelaide corridor of the PATH.

For convenient access to the store, enter 120 Adelaide St. W, take the escalator down to the PATH level. Turn right at the bottom of the escalator and the store will be on your immediate left.

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