Morgan Heritage, known as “The Royal Family of Reggae”, is a culture driven Reggae band formed by the five sons of reggae artist, Denroy Morgan. The band has proven its dedication to reggae music by releasing 18 studio albums over the past 23 years. The album Strictly Roots received a GRAMMY in 2016 for Best Reggae Album. The Royal Family of Reggae is currently on tour, with special guest Ammoye, for their most recent album, Avrzkedabra, which was released earlier this year.

We caught up with the band ahead of their September 10 show at the Phoenix. Tickets start at $36.50 and are available at

TheSceneInTo: Where does your inspiration for music come from? Do you lock yourself up until the ideas flow or is there a method you work through?

Morgan Heritage: No method to how it’s done with MH. The inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere. Life is our greatest inspiration.

TheSceneInTo: You’ve toured a lot given the chance what’s the one thing you wish someone had told you while starting out any life lessons from the road?

Morgan Heritage: There’s not really anything, we are grateful for our life’s experience and journey’s. Life’s is for living & while we live we learn.

TheSceneInTo: Who’s on your current playlist? Anyone in particular you’re keeping your eye on?

Morgan Heritage: None in particular, we are just enjoying the many changes that music is going thru as we move thru time. Music is ever changing and it mind blowing to witness the changes as they happen.

TheSceneInTo: It’s amazing to see the amount of Canadian talent within the global music scene. What do you think makes Canadian talent stand out?

Morgan Heritage: Canadian people have a bit of everywhere in them. They are very different from all nations in the sense where it’s not just about Canada it’s about the world & making the world feel welcomed. So in turn when they break thru the world just seems to take on to them. Good people they are.

TheSceneInTo: What’s next on your to-do list?

Morgan Heritage: Expose new talent to the world. Help to develop young and upcoming artist from across the globe. Whether family, friends or people we have met through our travels. Stay tuned to CTBC Music Group……..

I love the music! I live the music! I am the music! – Peetah Morgan

Catch them live as they bring the house down September 10 at the Phoenix. Tickets start at $36.50 and are available at

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