Toronto’s music scene is about to ignite as pop punk sensation NOAHFINNCE takes center stage at the iconic Velvet Underground. With his highly anticipated debut album, “Growing Up On The Internet,” dropping on March 8th, and a headlining tour in full swing, fans are in for an electrifying night of music, emotion, and raw energy.

The Soundtrack of Burnout

“3 DAY HEADACHE,” NOAHFINNCE’s latest single, encapsulates the struggle of burnout that resonates with artists and fans alike. The track’s infectious pop melodies belie its deeper message—a battle against exhaustion, a relentless cycle of breakdowns, and the triumphant bounce back. Noah’s candid lyrics cut through the noise, revealing vulnerability and resilience.

“I gave myself a migraine,” Noah confesses, his voice echoing the weariness of late nights and creative turmoil. But instead of wallowing, he channels it into a “cheesy lil bop.” And isn’t that what great music does? It takes our pain and turns it into something we can dance to.

Navigating the Digital Wilderness

Growing Up On The Internet invites listeners on a nostalgic journey through Noah’s formative years. Imagine a world where the internet suddenly becomes accessible—a wild, uncharted territory. Noah’s lyrics explore this landscape, touching on themes of rebellion, resilience, and identity. From going against the grain to championing trans and LGBTQ+ rights, the album is a testament to Noah’s authenticity.

The NOAHFINNCE Experience

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 16th, when the Velvet Underground will come alive with NOAHFINNCE’s electrifying performance. The venue, located at 508 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, will open its doors at 5:00 PM. All ages are welcome, so bring your friends, your parents, and anyone who appreciates the raw power of pop punk.

Supporting Acts

NOAHFINNCE won’t be alone on this musical journey. Joining him on stage are three rising stars:

  1. Chase Petra: Expect high-octane guitar riffs and infectious hooks.
  2. Teenage Joans: These Aussie rockers bring their rebellious spirit to Toronto.
  3. TX2: Synth-driven anthems that’ll make you move.

A Pop Punk Revolution

NOAHFINNCE draws inspiration from legends like My Chemical Romance, infusing his music with the same rebellious spirit. His debut album promises to be a rallying cry for misfits, dreamers, and anyone who’s ever felt lost in the digital wilderness.

So grab your tickets, lace up your Docs, and get ready to mosh. NOAHFINNCE is about to set the Velvet Underground ablaze, and Toronto won’t know what hit it. 🤘🔥

For more information and tickets, visit here.

Additional tour dates can be found via: www.noahfinnce.com/pages/noahfinnce-tour 

Feature photo credit: Corinne Cumming

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