A big move can cost a mini fortune, and if you plan on moving to an expensive city it will likely be even more. The cost of an apartment, furniture, internet start-up costs and other variables can put strain on your wallet. There’s a chance you’ll have to make some sacrifices along the way, in some cases this includes your desired neighborhood. Here are some tips that will help you save money as you relocate.

Sort and Sell

Before you start packing, sort through your possessions, only keep what you will actually need and use. The arm chair, the third book case, the free-standing mirror — they probably won’t fit in your new place. Remember, space is at a premium in big cities, and you’ll likely be unable to afford the same square footage you currently have. For the items you’re leaving behind, hold a garage sale or post them for sale online. It’s important to make as much as you can, but remember, a sale like this is more about what you offload than the amount of money you’ll make. Donate what you can’t sell to the local thrift store, and see if the store will give you a donation form for a tax write-off.

Box It Up

If you’re organized and box up all your stuff systematically, it can save you big. If you don’t pack with a system you may find yourself unsure of what you have and what you don’t, once you arrive at your new home. Make a list of your boxes, number them and keep a spreadsheet and inventory of what is in each. While this may seem like extra work, it will make your move smoother and cheaper, especially if you don’t buy your boxes from a storage facility. Instead, a local grocer or liquor store will have boxes for free. Just ask an employee if they have boxes they can give you.

Your New Place

There are several ways you can cut down on the cost of rent, no matter your final destination. First, shop around. Check out all your options from the local papers to craigslist.com. Oftentimes the best deals come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue—and also a money saver. Next, consider an apartment outside of the city. Not way out, but far enough out that it’s a little more of an inconvenience. You’ll see a large drop off in monthly rent in these areas. Keep in mind that areas with less-than-stellar reputations can be dangerous. If you decide an apartment within one of these neighborhoods is your best option, make sure your new place is protected with an HD security camera system and if possible, a gate.

If you’re set on a place closer to the city center, then consider the option of roommates. Another way to land a better deal on rent is with a longer lease than is usual. Many landlords will haggle with you if you agree on a longer, more extensive lease. This is especially helpful for workers with contracts that last two or three years with no expectation of renewal.

Whatever you choose to do or where to go, move wisely and good luck!

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