Road tripping. theSceneinTO DOES NOT recommend driving like this on ANY road trip.

theSceneinTO DOES NOT recommend driving like this on ANY road trip.

It’s warm weather time and of course, with that, comes road tripping for a lot of us. I’m not going to lie, I do road trips, but I actually don’t like them at all. Give me a cozy flight, any time. But, I married a man who is 1) frugal  2) practical 3) really, really enjoys road trips. So, sometimes I need to just bite the bullet and not be selfish (ie. fly when the rest of my family drives to our destination).  So, what have I learned about road trips that make them more bearable for me? A few things, and many of them are listed below.

Safety First:

Ensure car maintenance is up-to-date before any long drive. Have a question? Check the owner’s manual or visit a reputable service centre, and ask a professional that you trust.

Don’t forget to pack an emergency kit including water, a blanket, first aid kit, and a flashlight with extra batteries. A charged walkie talkie can be helpful too.

Plan the route in advance to avoid getting lost or being distracted while driving. Make this part of the fun by getting family members involved in planning stops and navigating using maps, not just a GPS.

Make Memories:

Before leaving, create a family musical playlist. Those songs will be associated with great memories forever.

Get the whole family involved taking pictures. Use social media to share photos and updates with family and friends– or make a good old fashioned scrapbook.

Pack road trip appropriate games and music to keep everyone engaged.

Try to avoid hundreds of “are we there yets?” by packing road trip appropriate games and music to keep everyone engaged.

Stretching Dollars:

Make sandwiches or something substantial that will keep well for the ride. You can eat these throughout a drive that lasts about a day and then if you still want to stop for ‘extra’ food, you don’t have to buy too much.

Make every dollar count by earning loyalty rewards along the way at stops such as hotels and restaurants – they could come in handy on the next road trip.

Car Comfort:

Avoid over-packing to give everyone enough space. No one wants to hold a bag on his or her lap for hours, or have bags all around their feet.

Pack nutritious snacks but enjoy a treat or two on the road – it’s a vacation after all! It’s also wise to pack some snacks that will provide the driver(s) with energy for that long haul.

Keep younger passengers entertained with a variety of car-appropriate toys and entertainment – having a few surprises up the sleeve can help with any longer stretches on the road.



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  1. Jerome

    I love road trips. I hate road trips. I love to hate road trips. Like your husband I am frugal and can’t justify buying 2 plane tickets and renting a car when I go anywhere reasonably close with my wife.
    One thing you forgot to mention is picking your car company wisely. If you go on a road trip with the wrong person it can be a nightmare. Not that I would know anything about that.


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