Los Cabos Int’l Film Festival is Making Moves

Los Cabos International Film Festival invites directors and producers to submit their films and projects in the different categories of its fourth edition.

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Come see what the neighbours are doing.

Last year was a great leap forward in terms of the size and reputation of the Los Cabos International Film Festival, and the team are working tirelessly to continue building on their success. This year Cabos announced collaborations with Tribeca Film Festival, Independent Filmmaker Projects (IFP), and in a concrete nod of approval, solidified a partnership with the Cannes Film Festival in Los Cabos Goes to Cannes. Also for the first time, the FIPRESCI Award will be given out by the International Federation of Film Critics.

With the call for entries in full swing, TheSceneinTO took the opportunity to chat with festival director Alonso Aguilar-Castillo.

TheSceneinTO: Tell us what you’re doing, what we can look forward to, and about the call for entries. What do you want people to know?

Aguilar-Castillo: We’re happy about all of our new collaborations because they introduce even higher recognition and more (monetary) awards for newcomers in the film industry. Also, our unions with Tribeca, and IFP really shows that this festival is not just about Mexican up and coming filmmakers, but in the true spirit of “come see what the neighbours are doing,” it’s also about American young film-makers.

TSITO: As the festival goes into its fourth edition, what has really surprised you?

Aguilar-Castillo: Every year we’ve continued to see the festival grow, and after the third edition, we have really been recognized for the quality and standards of the selections that we have, and that helped us forge these new and vital relationships. Cabos attendees has so far been very boutique, but now, we’re going to select the four most relevant works in progress from the upcoming edition, and take those films to Cannes. The festival will go from boutique audience to one that is venerated worldwide.

TSITO: Let’s talk about this year’s call for submissions and what that process looks like.

Aguilar-Castillo: I’m so excited about this year’s call for entries, and we want to call everyone to submit! I really want to convey for the general audience that there are many platforms for Los Cabos Film Festival, and we give away more than $300,000 in different grants and prizes, but in the past I think it was overwhelming how many different ways there were to apply. We’ve learned from that and tried to work hard to simplify the application process.

If filmmakers have a project in development stage, they can apply to Cabos Discovery. This means any project that is from, or co-produced with Mexico, USA or Canada can submit. And it actually doesn’t have to be a project that has a co-production with Mexico, it can be all-American, or all-Canadian projects, American-Swedish, Canadian-Brazilian, anything. In development means that the project can be in an early stage, it doesn’t have to be the final draft, it can be the first. We aren’t even requesting the full draft, it can be a synopsis, a treatment. The only thing it’s not, is that it’s not just a story pitch, it has to be  something that has viability.

Filmmakers who have a project that is a work in progress, can apply to Cabos in Progress. These films are feature-length, documentary, or works of fiction, in post-production stages.

Last of course, if you have a finished film, you can apply to the Cabos Official Selection, it’s really as simple as that.

TSITO: So, what can we look forward to in Los Cabos from November 11 – 15?

Aguilar-Castillo: Oh, we have many events planned for the fourth edition, and the best way to put it is that the festival has really found its legs. With so many prizes being awarded, it’s such a huge opportunity for emerging filmmakers. This festival is very friendly, and  with so many options, we want people to come to Cabo and use the festival as a trampoline to jump to the next level of their film careers. So, come see what the neighbours are doing.

Cabos Discovery and Cabos in Progress call for entries runs now through July 31.

The Official Selection call for entries runs through August 21.


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