The Senseless music festival makes its debut in Toronto. Looking to break through the summer festival clutter, this experience goes beyond music and dancing.

Talal Chaudhry and Asad Zaman want to take your senses on a journey. On July 9th the pair will debut Senseless, a music festival curated around the five senses; touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. Bringing electronic and live music, 3D visuals, delectable tastes and passionate scents, the festival aims to bring you a concept not yet experienced in the world.

“The concept arose when I was chatting with Talal about music events and asked “has anyone tried to create a music experience that engages all of one’s senses?” That’s how we began this journey to use innovative methods to create an immersive musical experience,” says Zaman.

To take you on a musical journey, the Senseless team presents world renowned French producer and live act Rodriguez Jr., Cadenza star & Canadian born-Berlin based Frivolous, German electronic maestroIsolée, Brooklyn’s favourite veteran duo and Scissor & Thread  chiefs Frank & Tony, and Blkmarket Membership residents Taimur & Fahad. Supporting acts will be Talal & Zoi, Lost Boy, Saqub and Sam Jaspersohn.

“As a performing artist and an avid festival-goer, I feel I’ve learnt what it takes to make a great experience for fans and musicians. I wanted to put together a truly special and unique experience for music lovers in my hometown of Toronto,” noted Chaudhry.

Taking place at Toronto’s historic and unique venue, Evergreen Brick Works, attendees will experience music against a backdrop like no other.

Evergreen Brickworks transforms for Senseless

Evergreen Brickworks transforms for Senseless

The indoor-outdoor venue provides an exciting industrial space, with exposed brick walls that have been transformed into thought-provoking murals by Toronto’s skilled graffiti artists and photographers. Creating an ambience that feels both primitive and yet modern, Evergreen Brick Works is the perfect location to awaken one’s senses.

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