Toronto’s summer nights just got a whole lot more enchanting with the launch of THE SUNSET CONCERTS series, a dazzling new addition to Casa Loma’s event lineup. In a spectacular partnership with Canada’s Walk of Fame and Seeing Red Media, the historic castle’s lush gardens will come alive every Tuesday evening with showstopping performances that blend music, history, and community.

The series opened with a bang on June 11, 2024, headlined by none other than Canada’s Queen of R&B Soul, Jully Black. Known for her electrifying stage presence and soulful voice, Black set the tone for the summer with a performance that was nothing short of magical. The garden was transformed into a lively celebration, with every attendee on their feet, dancing and singing along. In an unforgettable moment, fans even joined her on stage, highlighting Black’s ability to connect deeply with her audience.

Her performance wasn’t just a concert; it was a heartfelt tribute to Canadian music and its burgeoning talents. Black’s dynamic energy and engaging storytelling captivated the crowd, providing an experience that was as educational as it was entertaining. She celebrated not only her own illustrious career but also shined a spotlight on Canada’s Walk of Fame and the next generation of Canadian artists.

The evening also featured performances by emerging Canadian talents like Sam Drysdale, NIIVA, Gracie Ella, and J3M, alumni of the Canada’s Walk of Fame RBC Emerging Musician Program. NIIVA, who doubled as the evening’s host, added a personal touch to the event with her charm and musical prowess. These artists showcased the rich diversity and vibrant future of the Canadian music scene.

Adding to the evening’s significance, Autumn Peltier, an International Indigenous Rights and Water Activist, and 2023 Canada’s Walk of Fame Community Hero, delivered a moving opening address. Her words set a poignant tone, reminding everyone of the power of community and the importance of supporting each other’s voices and stories.

THE SUNSET CONCERTS series promises a summer filled with more such memorable evenings. With tickets priced to ensure accessibility and a portion of the proceeds supporting Kids Help Phone, each concert not only entertains but also contributes to a worthy cause.

If Jully Black’s performance was any indication, Toronto music lovers are in for a treat this summer. The combination of Casa Loma’s historic elegance, stunning views of the Toronto skyline, and a lineup of top-tier musical talent makes this concert series a must-attend event. So grab your tickets, embrace the magic of summer evenings, and get ready to be serenaded under the stars.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Casa Loma’s website. Don’t miss out on what promises to be a highlight of Toronto’s summer calendar!

Images courtesy of Sara Nassirov (Liberty Group)

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