This Holiday, trade device time, for face time.

This season, trade device time, for face time.

We’ve been trying, with varying degrees of success, to implement a phone-free-zone at the dining room table for our weekly Sunday dinners for some time now. It’s the one time a week my Grandparent’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren come together for supper and quality time. On any given Sunday, there are no less than 15 of us and when everyone comes, we’re into the 20s. That’s a lot of people with smartphones, SamsungGalaxyNote6, tablets and iPods.

As you can imagine, it can be hard to control all those devices, but we’ve been serious about keeping them out of our hands, at least while we’re eating around the table. That’s our time to unwind, sit and get this, talk to each other. Without the devices we can catch each other up on what’s going on in our lives and just enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company. Because honestly, it’s hard to catch up in any meaningful way, if our heads are looking down at our phones.

trade phone time for fasce time this holiday season.

Don’t be like these two over the Holidays. Put the devices away and try actually talking and engaging with each other.

So, like our family, this year, TELUS is asking Canadians to enter Holiday Mode: a seasonal practice to unplug and embrace the real face-time moments with loved ones. Although technology has the ability to connect us all, no matter where or when, one thing technology cannot replicate is that face-to-face human connection that means so much, especially during the holiday gifting.

Have some fun with the TELUS  Holiday Mode quiz! 

Are you a Smartphone Scrooge or a Texting Tiny Tim? Find out through the TELUS Holiday Mode Quiz now.

Our pals at TELUS have also provided us with some Top tips on how to unplug. 

They also put together these tips and tricks on how to successfully unplug for the holidays. From declaring your commitment to unplugging publicly, to making it a game with friends – they’ve got you covered!

Tell us how you scored in the quiz, or how you plan to unplug for the Holidays by tweeting us @theSceneinTO and @TELUS, using the hashtag #HolidayMode for a chance to win a TELUS accessories prize pack! Contest closes January 1, 12:01 am. 


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