Haute Cuisine: 5 Culinary Gems of San Francisco

Where to eat in San Francisco Octavia-Exterior Photo: Aubrie Pick

If you pop by San Francisco’s hot spot Octavia for a bite to eat, be sure not to miss Chef Perello’s famous Deviled Eggs.

San Francisco, a colorful city recognized for its accomplishments in the arts, also makes a prominent mark on the culinary world with its many highly respected and sought after restaurants. The fine dining establishments of San Francisco have distinctive dishes that provide diners with unforgettable experiences. Here are some of the city’s finest spots that will delight and impress.


Octavia provides an elegant yet relaxed dining experience. Melissa Perello,  Octavia’s award-winning executive chef, opened the restaurant mid-2015 in the Castro neighborhood.

Perello’s ingredients are simple and the menu varied and the tastes and refined presentation of each dish are sensationally multifaceted. Octavia’s Beverage Director Paul Einbund expertly crafted a robust selection of wines, including a eight vermouth cocktail options.

Octavia is the ideal place for a first date or a casual gathering with friends.

Bar Crudo

Bar Crudo, which opened in 2005 as a raw bar with delectable oysters and raw fish creations. The owners are advocates for sustainability and source their seafood and produce from local and environmentally responsible purveyors. Crudo is a real community restaurant and all customers are treated like friends.

Bar Crudo serves at least six varieties of oysters from both the East and West Coasts and the menu also includes mussels, clams, prawns, crab and lobster. This restaurant is ideal for any sustainable seafood lover and anyone who enjoys an extensive, expertly crafted beer and ale list.

Atelier Crenn

Atelier Crenn, the “poetic atelier” is a chic restaurant run by Chef Dominique Crenn. The menu at this fine dining spot focuses on creative expressions of French cuisine. The artistry is most apparent in the presentation of their modern dishes, which are as colorful and whimsically prepared as they are tasty.

The restaurant offers a nightly Grand Tasting menu with wine pairings, introduced on a one-page menu inscribed with a poem. The restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars from the 2016 Michelin Guide and 3.5 stars from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Greens Restaurant

Greens is a classic San Francisco restaurant that has received numerous awards and recognition from Zagat, Michelin Guide, James Beard and the San Francisco Chronicle. Opened in 1979 as part of San Francisco Zen Center, Greens is located at Fort Mason Center with a view of the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The restaurant receives the majority of its organic ingredients from Green Gulch Farm in Marin County. Greens’ menu has evolved with the current culinary trends but remains distinctly true to its philosophy of fresh, sophisticated, seasonal food.


The BIX Supper Club screams luxury and remains trend-setting with live jazz playing every night of the week. The restaurateurs place emphasis on local products sourcing their food from local farmers. The culinary team places focus on the quality of their raw, fresh ingredients. The menu offers classic items with a modern twist. The seasonal Compart Farms pork chop, for example, is served with a warm autumn salad of squash, radicchio, apples, maitake mushrooms and a pomegranate vinaigrette.

The interior of the Jackson Square restaurant boasts two levels of elevated Bohemian decor and a warm atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit.

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