Much like the theatre, we had a rough start after covid restrictions lifted. It’s interesting how you fill up your time with other activities that make a return to the previous interests more difficult. It’s the same slow return we’ve seen to travel and to live theatre. But, with mega shows like Hamilton, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Harry Potter, the theatres are hopeful a full return is possible in 2023.

Beyond the access we’ll receive to award-winning productions like these is the opportunity for new ones, smaller ones. Our need for content will continue to increase. We’ve almost seen it all and thus, are looking for more. The plays in this year’s Off-Mirvish showcase this too. It’s a return to a variety of shows from The Simon & Garfunkel Story to Jagged Little Pill. Productions that will find their start here, to those who’s traveling cast may have Toronto as an extended home.

[Sidebar] Harry Potter is still running strong with continuous positive reviews and visitors attending the production multiple times (most likely to find out how they got those chairs to fly or children to morph).

So, with this return of the blockbuster Hamilton that will once again fill our theatres, we will once again fill our pages on what’s captivating us and getting us excited. You can read our review on the previous Hamilton production here. You can get a head start on the history of Hamilton here or subscribe to Disney+ to see the full filmed production. However, you decide to get ready, we’re looking forward to seeing you fill those seats.

Tickets will be available for performances February 22 through May 14, 2023, via, app or via the phone. Ticket prices range from $69 to $199 with a select number of premium seats available from $229 – $249 for all performances. There will also be a lottery for 40 $10 seats for all performances similar to the current Harry Potter lottery (fingers crossed).  

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