Q: How do I wear a cardigan without looking like an 80-year old retiree?

You can have fun with various types of cardis and switch things up for different looks

You can have fun with various types of cardis and switch things up for different looks

A: The cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe, but I understand that sometimes, they can be dowdy and drab. Whether it’s a crewneck or a v-neck, the cardigan should be used as a layer to not only keep the chill away, but add depth and interest to your outfit. You should embrace the natural preppiness of a cardi by pairing it with a collared shirt, buttoned to the neck and adding a bright and cheerful necklace. When in doubt, grab a cardigan with a bold pattern and great detailing. At the end of the day as long as you’re comfortable, it won’t matter what age you look.

How to wear a cardigan.

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  1. Annie Marie Peters

    I love cardigans! I have at least two dozen of them in my closet right now. You’re right, without proper styling, they can definitely look frumpy. However, I think you’re giving good suggestions for using them to add interest to an outfit. Thanks for sharing these tips. Love the photo examples!


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