Brace yourselves, theatre enthusiasts, because Factory Theatre is about to unleash a blazing new production that will leave you both captivated and contemplative. Prepare to be riveted by the world premiere of “Armadillos,” a bold and unapologetically feminist play by the acclaimed Governor General’s Literary Award winner Colleen Wagner. Guided by the artistic prowess of multi-award-winning director Jani Lauzon, this theatrical gem promises to ignite minds and spark vital conversations. Set your calendars for June 3rd to 24th, 2023, as Factory Theatre proudly presents “Armadillos.”

Intrigue and tension intertwine on a cross-country theatre tour, breathing new life into the age-old Greek myth of the Marriage of Thetis and Peleus. As the onstage drama unfolds, it spills over into the behind-the-scenes world, unraveling the lives of four actors who grapple with the realities of tour life. Amid challenges to patriarchal norms and the entrance of a fresh-faced actress taking on the role of Thetis midway through the tour, chaos ensues. The ripples she creates compel each character to confront the stories that shape our views on love, sex, power, and consent. “Armadillos” masterfully blurs the boundary between audience and performers, urging us all to ponder: what narratives must we shed to truly embrace love?

Colleen Wagner, the brilliant playwright behind the production, is no stranger to accolades. With a Governor General’s Literary Award under her belt, her work has transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide. Her portfolio boasts an impressive array of plays, including “The Living,” “Home,” and the breathtaking “The Monument,” which clinched the prestigious GG award. Jani Lauzon, the artistic visionary at the helm, is a true Renaissance artist, celebrated for her work as an actor, director, writer, singer, and more. Her impeccable track record of excellence, as well as her unwavering commitment to inclusion and advocacy, make her the perfect conductor for this thought-provoking spectacle.

An exceptional cast lends life to “Armadillos,” featuring Zorana Sadiq as Hera/Sofia, Ryan Hollyman as Zeus/Jay, Paolo Santalucia as Peleus/Dyrk, and Mirabella Sundar Singh as Thetis/Karmyne. Behind the scenes, a creative dream team is hard at work, including Trevor Schwellnus as Set, Props and Lighting Designer, Jawon Kan as Costume Designer, Oliva Wheeler as Sound Designer, and Troy Taylor as Stage Manager.

Mark your calendars and secure your tickets for this electrifying journey. “Armadillos” graces the stage from June 3rd to June 24th, 2023, with Monday and Tuesday performances taking a brief intermission. Sunday matinees add a touch of daylight magic to the mix. The grand opening night spectacle unfurls on June 8th, 2023, at 8 pm. Factory Theatre, nestled at 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto, is the stage for this riveting show. Ticket prices range from $15 to $60, and Factory Theatre’s commitment to accessibility shines through with a limited number of $0 tickets for every performance. The stage is set, and the spotlight is poised to shine on “Armadillos.” Don’t miss this unforgettable exploration of feminism, myth, and the power of storytelling. To secure your spot, be sure to visit Your seat awaits – prepare to be moved!

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